Feb. 2nd, 2009 01:52 pm
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Snow! Snow! It is the end times! All public transport in the south of England has ceased under the burden of five centimetres of cursed snow!

Not that I am complaining. It's pretty and I get to stay at home and work.

I watched the second episode of Being Human last night - it's still not completely lame and I'm enjoying it a lot. Catch it if you can.


I'm still not over the tennis dramas of yesterday, not really. It keeps ringing around my head and I keep thinking about Roger - there is a person with so many expectations heaped on him, so many that I feel like his life is all bent out of shape from the vast pressure of them. Part of the joy of watching someone achieve at the highest level is that they are making a rare and almost impossible dream come true for themselves and for everyone watching. Watching them fail to do that is-- well, it is heartbreaking.

I wish I could stop thinking about this. I don't know why I care so much, but I do. It's only tennis, right?
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Not entirely lame! In fact, it's pretty good. I'll defintely watch the next episode.

This is a new BBC show about a vampire, a ghost and a werewolf who share a house together. The vampire is angsty (and hot) and struggling to not bite people. The werewolf is incredibly socially inept (and cute) and deeply creepy in its werewolf form. The ghost is clinging to the house she lived in with her boyfriend and is really a bit lost and also rather adorable.

Slightly clunky, but I really enjoyed the way the script knitted these fantastical beings into real life - the werewolf and the vampire work as hospital orderlies. The ghost's boyfriend is also the landlord, and who is now going out with a far less pretty girl who works in a tanning salon and who is therefore orange. The boss of the vampires is in disguise as a police officer.

Also, it's not afraid to show how messy their existances can get. I like it.
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So, a few thoughts about giant woobie Dean Winchester the latest developments in Supernatural spoilers for s4 )
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So I haven't really given Supernatural much attention really, but they are too pretty to ignore, so I sat down and watched Born Under a Bad Sign (s2:14). I love how the camera smooches up to them for endless close ups. They are still pretty. Yes. And now for some very mild spoilers: Read more... )

This meme looks innnteresting and little bit frightening: tell me what stories you'd think I'd never write and I'll write a snippet of it. A little tiny snippet.
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I spent a goodly part of the weekend licking my Due South Call of the Wild dvd and loving it )

Talking of which, [ profile] cesperanza's A Dare's a Dare. Fraser/RayK [eta - this link's timing out for some reason, even though it's proper]. This is just so well done-- the way things are said and not said between Ray and Fraser, the partial playacting of Fraser's drag while at the same time the sense of it being also completely in earnest. Wow, yes.

Bone and Aristide's Unguarded Protectorate - Fraser/RayK, rated NC-17. Someone shows an interest in Fraser and it forces Ray to accept his own feelings. This is long, and really quite painful at the start, but it builds up tension wonderfully and the sex is very intense.
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Yo, [ profile] lovelyzelda, happy birthday! May it be filled with pastel coloured sparkly ponies, reptile mpreg fic and cake.

In other news, no Ayacon for me today. Resting the Bad Arm seemed the more sensible option, but it left me more than a little sad. I was looking forward to meeting [ profile] scribblemoose and gushing all over her with the Saiyuki love. So that sucks.

But always look on the Mountie side of life-- Due South s3 came in the post this morning and excuse me while I just mention again that Ray K is death by cute. I'm just about to go upstairs and persuade M to sit and watch the feature length pilot episode with me, which I did not know existed.

Also, partly a GIP for Saiyuki fans-- I didn't know that Homo Sausage actually existed either (or did I miss that translators note?) I always thought it was some obscure Minekura joke. But it does! Hoorah. Thanks to the talented Sacrilicious for the icon.
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Things to write not write write one day: the Saiyuki Saturday Night Fever AU. I don't want to think about it too much in case it gets a grip.

I stayed up very late last night watching more Due South, because I am a sad sad puppy and my brain seemed unable to take in just how pretty (ie, monumentally pretty) Paul Gross is in season one and I had to keep staring. Also, I'd skipped ahead previously to watch Victoria's Secret aka The Downfall of Benton Fraser so I'd missed quite a few s1 episodes. I need to waffle about this show at length at some point soon, because it's very good and there's stuff and things and weirdness and, oh yes, Big Gay Mountie Love.

But now I need to wash, dress and go out in the rain to meet J for lunch and to pay my credit card bill.


Aug. 17th, 2005 06:51 pm
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[ profile] cygny - thanks so much for your postcard. It's lovely - it really made me smile so much.

[ profile] daegaer - I posted you the second half of Samurai Champloo today (and a very very special pen I bought at Worldcon just for you), so that should be with you soon.

ETA: scans of the new, long, long awaited chapter of Saiyuki Gaiden aka The One Where They're All in Heaven. Much squeefulness!

The Mountie obsession continues, and I'm consuming fic at a scary rate as a way to pass the days. If it's long and worth printing out I've been reading it. I feel like this level of consumption is not really healthy but at the same time I can't truly bring myself to give a damn because of the cosy duvet factor. A warm, comforting sort of fandom, very much like the show, which I love to bits. Although I'm now straying into the areas of dodgy porn in my trawl for fics. I just think 'briny' is not a very sexy word. Briny.

PostSecret - people send in anonymous homemade postcards with a secret written on them. Some are very moving, some are funny. Some of them (but let's be clear, not the one about the bra and marbles) gave me a little start of recognition-- that's my secret too, or that secret was mine once.

My arm is starting to feel a lot better! So I spent a little time today at the keyboard filling in a meme. Oh yes. I'm taking the whole sitting at the computer thing very slowly, as I'm sure it's just the worst thing for my arm, but hopefully soon I'll be back to typing.

Meme, yoinked from [ profile] yonmei and others. Cut for your pleasure )
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I watched the first two episodes of series 3... oh god Fraser and Ray K. They're even gayer than Fraser and Ray V! oh my god. I love this show.

My arm is still bad. Sitting at the pc gets uncomfortable very quickly, but now I own a pull-along bag on wheels so I can still shop, which is obviously the main thing.

Shakespeare in Love has one of the most wonderful endings ever.

That is all.


Aug. 12th, 2005 10:02 am
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Due South fanfic is like a huge fluffy duvet. I've spent the past two days wallowing in bed and on the settee reading all of Speranza's stuff - it gives me the same warm fuzzies as my paracetamol and codeine pills. Also, the TV episode where Fraser dresses up as a woman is just about the funniest thing ever, especially on lots of pain medication.

The Bad Arm seems less bad although still can't move it without some pain. I have an appointment with physio on Monday morning so hopefully they can tell me what's up with it.

Happy (late) birthday [ profile] new_kate! I was hoping to join in your birthday writing challenge but Bad Arm stopped me until now, sadly. I'll see what I can do with one finger and a keyboard.


Jul. 28th, 2005 04:31 pm
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Things of dubious note: I fried my brain by reading My First Due South smut at work. Mother of gaaaahd.

The Saiyuki Saiyuubito book of art, fanart and general shiny information sounds amazing. I mean Hazel-in-thigh-boots sort of amazing.

[ profile] lovelyzelda makes me laugh out loud on a regular basis: Indecent Proposal: Crowley and Aziraphale get it on.


Jul. 26th, 2005 07:30 pm
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Oh my god it's 7.30pm. That means I've been watching Due South for five hours. Wow. I really like that mountie and his cop boyfriend.

Hmm, it might be a good idea to go swimming now, becuse i also found a big bag of crisps behind the sofa, I think left over from the recent great Harry Potter, alcohol and chocolate extravagnaza.

By the way I want to thank everyone who left a ficlet idea - they're very inspiring and I'm taking the 'write more smut' directive to heart, thank you.

Due North

Jul. 15th, 2005 09:08 am
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Due South has been well and truly pimped at me. I love it as much as Ray loves Fraser, which apparently, from what I can tell from watching the pilot episode, is a lot. Fraser is pretty!

Yesterday we staggered about Reading in the heat. [ profile] daegaer got some Birkenstocks in the sale, I bought some Flying Fox shower gel from Lush - it's jasmine scented and very addictive. HMV also had a sale so we each bought some cheap anime. And it was pretty cheap in all respects, too, when we watched it. It featured mostly vampires and poor voice acting and things going splat. Then we went to the Friar Street bookshop and bought bagfuls of manga each - yaay.

We spent the afternoon collapsed in the shade in my garden reading manga. [ profile] daegaer passed the time inventing some new mpreg genres. Wing-preg-- is that where your wings get pregnant or where you get wings if pregnant? Needs some ironing out, that one. There was also much discussion over exactly which flavour of Pot Noodle Crowley would eat during the epic Crowley Angsts Into His Pot Noodle story, which I swear never to write. Answer: chicken and mushroom. I have some ideas for my [ profile] bb_shousetsou story, which at this point mostly involves werecats and vampires. Possibly werehamsters too. Hmmm.

I tihnk we're going to Oxford today for a look round and then later tonight off to pick up HBP! *quietly chokes with excitement*
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I'm doing Saiyuki recs for [ profile] try_this_fic this month and it's made me realise how pairing-centric my reading truly is. Not that I mind.  Only, I want to rec a range of stories that might appeal to different tastes, which is tricky if I don't read Sanzo/Goku much or other, rarer, pairings.  I feel bad about just wanting to rec all the Hakkai/Gojyo stories I have ever loved, ever. Which is a long list.

Angel season 5 - I just finished watching it all and whu?? It... with the things and Fred and it and then they --submarines-- and Wesley and Lyndsey then... it ended! *head spins*

I loved it, felt weird about it, thought some of it was plain stupid and mostly desperately fucking wish they'd made series six.

In other news I'm only holiday all this week, so rejoice with me! Earlier this week I optimistically invested in a new bikini, a stylish reclining sunlounger and a large bottle of Pimms and finally the BBC says the sun is actually going to come out, so yay.

It's so strange how inspiration arrives. I had a image of Sanzo's bare feet. Just, you know, being feet, not doing anything lewd or anything and suddenly I need to write something about them, or about him and his little personal habits-- mindless tasks like getting dressed and all those little comforting sensations and habits people take for granted and never really think about. I'm sure the manga showed him wearing little black ankle socks once. Actually, this might be where the idea came from originally.
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Angel season 4  - oh my god!  I've seen up to 'Soulless' so far and spoilers within )
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We watched the final two episodes of Angel 3 last night. My fingernails will never recover. Spoilers )

I have a season 4 box set at home. I really shouldn't indulge myself with so much TV. I should in fact give myself a nice break until the weekend.  I shoud spin this out, make it last and enjoy it. Like hell I will.
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Holy crap, Angel season three! What, are you trying to give me a heart attack? I have two more episodes to go and some of them have just been--  well, let's just say I've had to prise my fingers from out of the coffee table and all the cushions have been chewed.  And spoiler )

In between chewing the upholstery, I've been listening to the original HHGTTG radio show on CD. It's a beautiful, lovely thing and how did Adams manage to come up with so many good jokes, every week. It counteracts the Angel angst perfectly.


May. 12th, 2005 04:38 pm
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Ahh, I'm hungry, so hungry. It began yesterday and it's just getting worse. My stomach feels like a bottomless pit, despite the sandwiches and the fancy M&S 'nuts and berries' style bar. I want to eat more, now, but am trying to control myself.

Maybe it explains why today has been a washout for work, although I got quite a lot done after lunch, although of the wrong job.

Angel continues to be amazing. I'm on season 3 now. The drama!
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I got new shoes!  They're turquoise leather, for those not bothing to click.  Turquoise!  It's a departure for me, I can say. But this year my style plan was to wear lots of blue and green, so it's working already.

Tomorrow I'm off to Lancaster for a morning meeting, yes from Reading, because I am insane.  But I have the work laptop with me, so I can get some serious work drabble writing done on the journey there and back. But just-- I must remember to delete them before I give it back. Although 'Who the hell's this Koumyou Sanzo?' would be a funny scenario. Briefly.

Season two of Angel is great. I haven't been doing much else with my evenings this week other than watching it. Hasn't Wesley got a lovely delicate looking neck, or is that just my inner neck perv coming out. I loved Drusilla's entry, so incredibly creepy, and that we get to see Anne again. Yay for continuity.

But I still haven't had a chance to watch the last few episodes of X. I think I'm withholding from the pleasure because it's nearly finished - does it go on for more than 16 eps?


Apr. 26th, 2005 12:57 am
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So, where is all the Top Gun slash? Just curious really. I saw a fic today - the one and only fic I've ever seen and for a film with slo-mo volleyball and lots of locker-room towel wearing you'd think there'd be piles of it.  Or was it those horrid little v-shaped smiles that put everyone off?

Veering wildly, I've been watching Angel for the first time ever! How did I manage to avoid it for so long? It's really good. Angel's bad dancing is a thing of beauty that will stay in my mind for a long time.  As a character in Buffy he was rubbish and annoying, but in Angel he's a slightly lost, vulnerable guy and the way Cordelia and Wesley are protective of him is, well, quite frankly it makes me squee.

I've also been watching an anime called X, which is quite a lot of fun. Everyone has seriously pointy chins and there's a lot of leaping from rooftop to rooftop in a silly way. Nearly everyone has mystical powers of leaping and is Mysterious. But there's some nice hurt/comfort bits where the beefcakey boy puts his arm protectively round the skinny boy (Kamui, I think), even when he's just saying hello or attaching a plaster.  I like it.


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