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We went on the London Eye (cultural note: effing big wheel with pods in central London). It was big and huge and high I had to sit down with shaky knees only once. The sky was blue and we could see all the way up the Thames, which was Brown. Regents park was an unexpected green hill behind Centre Point and from very high up, pigeons and people clustered on the grass below look surprisingly similar.

Afterwards we nipped to South Kensington to see the architecture gallery in the V&A. In South Ken tube station, we stopped to take a picture of something that M has always liked: a metal divot that had obviously been seen as a tripping danger once, because someone had carefully covered it in a strips of black and yellow stripy tape overlaid to form a star shape. This had then been painted over many times, but the divot and the tape gleamed through where people have walked on it.

There we were, M on his knees with the camera and me staring fixedly, when a small man with a beard and uniform approached. It was Ken, the South Kensington station manager, but he wasn't angry, he was interested. With a shy smile he told us the history of the silver divot and its tape. Sixteen years ago, someone had deemed it a tripping hazard (yes!) and so he'd covered it in many layers of tape and when they painted the floor, the paint always wore off. We were overjoyed to get this back story to the divot. A German chap stopped next to us as we were chatting and laughing. 'Is this art? Everything is art these days,' he said, staring at M in an accusing way. 'Oh no, it's not art. It's a health and safety issue.'

We thanked Ken and left.

Today was hot, yesterday was hot. I did some serious testing of the new sunlounger and the new aubergine coloured bikini, so I've gone brown. I've helped it with an application of 'Sublime' fake tan so I glow like a glowy thing. Just the right side of 'satsuma'. Tomorrow I'm off to Cambridge for a conference-- it should be easy and stress free and is in Madingley Hall which looks amazingly pretty and old, so I'm looking forward to it. I'm not looking forward to going back to work proper though. There are so many things swirling in my head right now about this job that it just makes me glum to even think of being there and of trying to wade through my swamp of self doubt and angst. Gah.

Also, the dreaded Woman's Time! I have some new sanitary towels that go by the exciting name of 'Nightwings'. Next month I'm going to try one of those Mooncups.
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Today I got RG Veda, a new CLAMP manga. It has manly warriors with girly hair and mystical claptrap. I love it and I'm only four pages in, so I think I must be overcoming my feelings about CLAMP art. I also got Peacemaker Kurogane, a samurai story, because the cover was pretty and showed a  swordsman wearing nailpolish (I own my shallowness), the art is interestingly spare and sort of angular and the characters were snarky. I looked for Saiyuki 8, which I thought might have made its way here seeing as it's out already in the US, but no joy yet.

In other news I have a hangover and the dreaded Woman's Time began today. So I'm planning on spending the entire evening with Angel season 4 and I'm also making a recipe from my River Cafe cookbook - taglietelle with fresh asparagus and a sauce made from creme fraiche, an egg yolk and parmesan. The sauce is slighty tricky to make because it needs to be made in a bain marie and with constant stirring but it's absolutely delicious and is like a thin, smooth fondue.

We saw some perfect Crowley shoes in Jones today - black lace-ups in snakeskin (not real) and very sharp looking but M wouldn't buy them, although we did drool for a while.


Mar. 26th, 2005 02:29 pm
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Woke up at 7 am.  Stomach is somewhat better, although dread Woman's Time began today. Perhaps the two are linked.  In Boots I noticed that Kotex sanitary towels have white packaging printed with a single bright red item, like a shoe or a cake or something else that appeals to us women. The days of sanitary products avoiding the colour red are over, it seems. This has got to be a good thing.

The frog laid lots of spawn last week and is now resting in the weeds in our pond with just its head poking out of the water. The pond skaters are mating in that very awkward looking way they have, sort of on their backs and upside down.  Pregnant women in town showing off their bellies- it feels like the whole world is reproducing, or perhaps I'm just noticing it more right now.
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Arrgh! As well as recovering from the food poisoning, now it's my (assume booming voice of vengeful god) Woman's Time. Christ on a fucking bike, I should just've never got out of bed this year. Still, we're going to see RotK again tomorrow, which seems the best way to spend my last day of freedom before the school holidays are over.

I've been watching the cast talk-over on The Two Towers for what seems like all day and am almost dead with the pleasure of it all, except for towards the end when I wished Sean Astin would just calm down for a second, but that might have been my headache.
A few spoilers for that and RotK )
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Let me take this opportunity to tell a shit joke:

Q What's the difference between a stoat and a weasel?
A A weasel is weasily recognised, but a stoat is stoataly different. Tada!

Ugh, that damned 28 day cycle. Today is a day for digging the garden; I find it gives me a strange inner peace, althought that might be the exhaustion that comes from chucking dirt about for 3 hours like some crazy fool. Our garden is 75 feet long, and at the moment it is a sea of mud and piles of earth, like we have a mini-Saruman down there creating his new dark fortress. But no, it's only us digging a pond. Apart from that, I'm going to New Look to spend money on I haven't got on cheap clothes!


Jan. 21st, 2003 09:41 am
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I am having a tampon-free period this month, from necessity. You can imagine how much fun that is. Although I have to say that I'm impressed how sanitary towel technology has moved on dramatically in the last few years, as the people who design them have at last harnessed the power of nappy technology. So you have the water proof upper layer, and extra thinness with the same absorbency, and wings of all kinds. Although I note that you can still buy 'old skool' sanitary towels, the huge wads of cotton wool, that wander around in your pants like a lost puppy.

Oh god, I want to go home, not be at work. Statistics are no fun with stomach cramps.


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