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A fancreature in its natural habitat...

I think we need yet more shelves
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I had a completely awesome weekend.

Yesterday I went to the gym then, exercise achieved, I slormed on the sofa and watched Rafael Nadal's arms the Wimbledon's mens singles final on TV. Rain stopped play twice, and despite that the game went on for 4 hours and 45 minutes, finishing just as the light was fading at gone 9pm.

It was a totally fantastic experience, an epic struggle, and I now can proudly say I understand tennis scoring, if not Roger Federer's love of personalised monogrammed cardigans. Nadal won! It was a great moment. He fell over and then climbed into the stands to hug parents and to shake the Prince of Spain's hand. Then he cried. And then him and Roger Federer were all polite and nice about each other in the interviews. ♥ I might be developing a minor obsession, which [livejournal.com profile] emungere isn't really helping with by showing me picture of Roger Federer looking actually handsome instead of just be-cardiganned and then telling me she wants tennis slash.

On Saturday I met up with [livejournal.com profile] new_kate in Birmingham, sort of a halfway meet up for us. I was an hour late because my early train was cancelled, but it didn't stop us spending the day at a fever pitch of excitement. We'd planned a girly day of shopping and also PEDICURES, which I have never had before. We packed a lot into our 8 hours together.

We had brunch (bircher yoghurt for me and salmon sandwich for Kate, plus some wasabi peas that I couldn't actually cope with at that time of the morning) and coffee drinks. We ate sitting on the limestone steps in the Bullring in the sunshine and catching up with each other about life, fandom, what we'd been writing.

After that we plunged into Selfridges to ogle clothes. We did mean to go to the women's department, but the men's designer clothes department got in the way. I have to say, I never seen anyone get as excited about a well knitted sweater as [livejournal.com profile] new_kate, and she likes to rub her face against them and coo, and we spent a lot of time stroking shirts and sweaters and leather jackets. Also designer swimming trunks!

junk de luxe )

sparkly tiny swimwear )

rolled up sock package )

The pedicures were at a place called the Obsession Salon, in an upmarket mall called The Mailbox, because it used to belong to the Post Office. The rumour is that there are tunnels underneath it that run from there to New St Station, for the mail to be delivered from the train to the sorting office. If so, I want to go in them.

At the Obsession Salon we got foot massages, foot scrub, nail tidy and finally a to nail colour of our choice, applied twice over a base coat, and with a top coat to seal. The only drag was that it then took about half an hour to dry, and even then it was still slightly tacky. Some rubbed off later in my shoes. The pedicurist warned me though

Post pedicured feets )

So, on coming out of there, with freshly pampered feet, we spotted some more men's designer clothing in Harvey Nichols and were sucked inside. Paul Smith shirts! Gucci belts! Kate tried on about 75 pairs of ridiculous enormous sunglasses, and we found this:

beard lube )

Then we moved onto shoes. Omg so many shoes.

Fendi sandals )

Scarlet Louboutains )

Alex McQueen silver princess diva shoes )

Then dresses. None of the ones I tried on fitted me particularly well, but Kate found two brilliant ones. I had a lot of trouble finding a size (UK) 16 in Harvey Nichols in anything. In fact, I didn't find a single one even though I looked quite hard, and I was really surprised at the lack. I managed to squeeze into some size 14s though, but it's never as much fun if they don't fit right. So I lurked around admiring seams while Kate was in the fitting rooms.

It took us two whole hours to free ourselves from Harvey Nichols, but after that, ehausted, we had a late lunch at the cafe in Malmaison.

Obscene looking sausages with mint jelly in a shot glass )

So, we failed to actually buy anything girly, so we moved onto the bookshops, where spending success was acheived! Kate got the luxury Hellboy edition and vol 1 of Nana, and two other mangas that I can't remember now, and I got vol 1 of Vassalord. Then we moved on to Borders, where I got vol 2 of Wild Adpater and a DVD of The Prestige, which I must watch soon. Also, I forgot to take a picture of our books.

Finally cold crisp Italian lager and the wasabi peas, which was a delicious combination. Then the train home.


Jun. 5th, 2008 12:31 pm
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Have some photos taken in Fabricland when [livejournal.com profile] puddingcat came to visit last weekend.

frogs )

skulls )

stretch pvc! )
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We went to Oxford yesterday, partly to mooch about the bookshops, partly to go to the botanical gardens. It's 20 minutes on the train from Reading, which seemed the perfect travelling distance.

So we mooched a lot and found a new second hand bookshop, where I scored heavily in quality if not in quantity: one copy of Dracula, Prince of Many Faces by my old friends Radu Florescu and Raymond T McNally. It's their follow up, many years later, to In Search of Dracula

cut for shocking images of books, cakes and art )
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Thanks for the recent comments on my various fics, I do cherish them all and often go back to lick them. I need to catch up on answering and I'm feeling bad about not doing this in a timely manner.

We went on a bike ride today, ending up at Mapledurham House and watermill, where there was an event called a 'Live Crafts Fair'. Here is my photo essay, including the VERY MOMENT when I recieved a nasty shock from an electric fence. My finger must've spasmed on the shutter release. Image heavy for dialups

cut for electrifying images )
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Sadly, [livejournal.com profile] puddingcat missed the great gloopy unveiling of the blancmange yesterday, so here is a pictorial history of the event:

Blancmange of doom! )
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Here's some photos from my birthday trip to Whtiby and places more north than that even.

Whitby and Staithes, cakes and pants and cheese )
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I impulse bought them from the British Museum shop, along with King Harald's Saga by Snori Sturluson. It's gripping and fast paced and so far I have got to part 34, where Harald and King Svein of Denmark are about to fight it out over who deserves Denmark more. In this part, I like that there is a court poet known as Thorleik the Handsome. He must've been very very handsome to be known for it.

I also bought Chronicles of the Vikings by RI Page, which I mostly picked because it has a chapter entitled 'the unheroic life' that comes straight after a chapter called 'the heroic life'.

Anyway! I have been practising with the runes (put hand in bag, extract rune, consult little book, feel baffled). Apparently, long distance rune-reading is quite acceptable. Please do feel free to ask them anything you like!! (Answers may not make sense, may contain nuts)
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15 miles, most of an afternoon, total: 50 miles

They reach a belt of trees, mostly oaks with a few elms. Drops of rain fall.

We cycled along the river to Pangbourne and back again, so I have leapt ahead into day 3. The whole of today is summed up in this picture: bright and sunny and new.

We stopped and had a nice lunch by the river, then stopped again an hour later for beer, so we were very hobbit like in our behaviour. I'm sure it did me good though. *hic* No black riders seen, apart from those ones dressed in lycra and wrap around sports sunglasses.

I did want to post a picture of a cow (not a dead one), but I resisted.
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I'm very lucky, because [livejournal.com profile] hungry_worm sent me chocolate biscuits. They're extremely chocolatey and delicious. Mmmm. Also note the homemade protective packaging, which I love to bits.


In other news, I did 4 miles on the bike yesterday, taking me to a total of 17.5

Climb a steep slope. Pippins yawns (Nearly midnight)

I put Akira to one side because I wasn't getting in to it and tried The Machinist instead, except that the spooky thinness of Christian Bale must've caused my TV to blow a gasket. It died right in front of my eyes and now only makes sad clunking noises when I switch it on, with no picture. Have spotted a likely replacement on ebay-- taxi distance, 3 years old and with a 28 inch screen. It's currently at £50 quid.

Cock soup

Mar. 11th, 2007 10:44 pm
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Day 69 - cock soup
Originally uploaded by other versions.
Bought from the Butts Convenience Store. Fittingly it is day 69, too.

Yes, I am 12.
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Day 65 - washing up bowl
Originally uploaded by other versions.
Beached soy sauce fish in the washing up bowl at work. I like the way they are even lying in little puddles.

Only 300 photos to go - well, 299, because this was yesterday's one. It might be one of my favourites so far.

365 update

Jan. 8th, 2007 11:30 am
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One week, seven photos: here

My favourite so far is dawn from the train.

Only 358 photos left...
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Okay, so it looks like I will defintely be going to [livejournal.com profile] squee_fest_uk, and in the company of the illustrious [livejournal.com profile] daegaer, yay! So, perhaps now might be a good time to find accomodation, yes? I must remember to sort out my [livejournal.com profile] connotations booking too. And decide about Yaoicon this year while I am at it. And find a nice cheap holiday on a beach somewhere.

In other news I am working my way slowly through Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, and enjoying it. I like the style and the tone - it reminds me a lot of Neverwhere, but seems far more solid somehow.

I have been writing screeds of fiction, but none of it is in a postable state, or often even properly finished. But about a 1000 words a day on various things, which I am pleased with. This morning on the train I began an original short story that I hope to send off for a deadline at the end of this month. I don't know if I can meet the deadline, or if 23 days is long enough to write and edit it, but seeing as it's going to be about 6000 words long, it seems enough time if I don't let myself get too distracted by other things, by which I mean manporn. Shut up. Speaking of which, I need to start editing my chapters of the epic porn novel. There are just so many things I want to write, aargh. Frustration. I wish I had more time for them all. But at least I have a plan, even a vague plan.

So, June looks like it's going to be fairly busy, and here I was thinking it seemed quiet. My parents are insisting on taking me to a boat show on Sunday, and the weekend after that is a family party in Kent. The week after that I hope to have off and was planning on doing the face-down onna beach thing. Thankfully work is not too demanding at the moment, or I feel like I might pop a gasket.

Finally, have a photo of my garden:

big giant poppy )
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Yesterday I seemed to mostly buy green things:

Louise's shopping )

I also bought Yellow, a yaoi title from DMP. It's very entertaining and with good art - good looking men, not the most dynamic pages I've ever seen but some beautifully done kisses and moments that really give a sense of intimacy. It's like Starsky and Hutch, only Hutch is gay. And wants his partner, who maintains that he's 100 percent hetero, although you wouldn't guess it from all the groping and kissing that goes on, and he's not the usual super-uke sixteen year old fodder but, you know, manly. I like it - I'll definitely keep a look out for vol 2.


Jul. 21st, 2003 09:20 pm
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Work was..interesting. I have no idea yet what I'm meant to be doing, but my little team seem friendly enough and helpful. I spent the afternoon browsing rival websites, and chatting. It's a bit odd being a Team Leader, but with nothing to lead in yet. The journey is not too bad, but on the way home it's quite noisy so I might invest in some extra-strength ear-plugs. I got some more of my Snape/Lupin done though, and while I was scribbling away, some parent started reading OotP outloud to their kid! It would've been okay, but the bloke had a monotone voice.

Here are some pictures I took of my garden last weekend:


The page doesn't take too long to download.


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