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The Australian Open starts today and I'm really totally ready to spend ridic amounts of time watching it. Probably this will happen inbetween bouts of glueing things or at arse o'clock in the morning but still I am excited!

Also, tennis players are still apparently made of puppies. There was a charity event for the floodings yesterday and lots of tennis players turned up. Mandy was all huggy with Novak (who apparently he is secretly bff with) and generally been seen smiling! Also he was making embarrassing on-court sex noises with Ana Ivanovic. My toes were curling in massive amounts of contact embarrassement and yours can too if you watch this.

Puppies )

Also Rafa and Roger played doubles for the first time ever! My face was in a rictus of joy for the whole time. They were TERRIBLE! But there was adorable hugging and lots of grinning:

Fedalings )
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Why is tennis such a difficult fandom? I keep asking myself this. There's no actual reason to be tipped into despair just because Roger bloody Federer loses a tennis match yet I woke up this morning with epic sad. This is alongside an actual hangover from drinking many cocktails so perhaps that is magnifying my woe. Perhaps.

I didn't see any of the match because of the cocktail party and J&J's house, but they let me sneak away to watch the livescores now and then. On my own. Drunkenly. If there had been a secret film you'd have been able to see me watching through my fingers at the damn livescore box, whimpering. By all accounts it was a pretty thrilling match though and props to Novak for coming through it.

On the upside, a moment of pure amazingness is potentially almost on us. If Rafa wins the US Open today he achieves his career slam and I will probably cry tears of pure mooky happiness for him. And so will Roger!

(Roger says he's not going to watch. Yeah right.)
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"...I think all my life I practiced with my high hundred percent of intensity in every ball in the practice... That's why I think today I am faster, no? Probably now I'm not practicing with the same intensity like when I was a kid. When I was a kid, I practiced, believe me, like crazy."

more pics )
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I just had the most amazing week camping at Wimbledon with [livejournal.com profile] buckle_berry and [livejournal.com profile] tarteaucitron.

We Queued to the max and learned even more about the arcane practises involved in successful queueing! We saw Rafa and Roger and Mandy and Sue from the Queue! We saw Feliciano Lopez in Wimbledon village. He has arms! And he buys groceries from the artisanal grocers there. Berry commented that he looks a lot more manly in real life and I agree.

We "met" Uncle Toni in the street. He smiled at us as we stood aside to let him pass on a narrow bit of pavement. He's a lot taller and slimmer than he looks on tv. We properly met Mohamed Lahyani! In what has to be the coolest moment of my life to date I told him: "I love your umpiring." He actually looked genuinely delighted. He said 'Bien sur!' when we asked for our pictures with him and posed with each of us. [livejournal.com profile] buckle_berry has those on her camera because mine decided to die right at that point. However Lars Graff just gave me a steely stare when I locked eyes with him in the tunnels under Centre Court.

We saw Roger practising on court 14, entirely by accident and good luck. It was at about 10.30am on the Monday. He looked very relaxed. The little court was full of onlookers but the atmosphere was hushed and reverent like we were in church. Berry said it made her feel weird, and I agree. The hushed reverence lasted until he stopped and began to sign things and then it turned into an absolute scrum. He signed for about five minutes and then he was whisked away through the crush by a squad of security guards. I noticed that one woman had a self published book of photos of her and Roger together that he'd signed. She was so happy that she cried. I honestly don't know what to think about that except that it makes me think how strange this whole circus is, really, on some levels.

Through our queueing exploits we got Centre Court tickets for both Monday and Thursday, so we saw two amazing, epic matches: Roger v Alejandro Falla during which we wanted to die right up until the point Roger finally won, and then Rafa v Robin Haase where we actually never properly believed Rafa was in danger of losing but it was still really exciting. Plus multiple shirt changes. Rafa has muscles in his back that normal people just don't have. We also saw Mandy bowing to the Queen! [livejournal.com profile] matildafilch met up with us on Thursday too, although we weren't ale to hang out as much as last year as she had seats right up at the top. Apparently there is still a pretty decent view from there though. And we saw Lars Graff eating a sausage! He gave me a wide berth though.

I might've developed a small obsession with umpires this week. Carlos Ramos was in action during Rafa's match, but he mostly seemed to be winking and smiling at a cute linesman while sneaking looks at Rafa while he changed his shirts. We saw umpiring HBIC Pascal Maria several times. Did you know that he can hold three tennis balls in each hand? Cedric Mourier walked past us on the street so we 'met' him too. I saw Erich Molina hanging out near a lift. He is pretty in real life.

Other tennis: JJ v Laura Robson, Feli's first round match, Stan v Istomin, Novak v Olivier Rochus, which was great. They closed Centre Court roof halfway through and played that really interesting documentary about how it was built, and the crowd got silly and did Mexican waves. We didn't see any of Jisner v Mahut as they played the LMOAT (longest match of all time) but I saw the adorable net hugs.

I have a ton of pics of everything! Wimbledon 2010 )
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If anyone is interested [livejournal.com profile] morebliss syndicated my tumblr for lj: Swiss Navy! Except she called it 'Lounicorn' for reasons best known to herself. <3

If you're wondering, I update it with about three or four new pictures or quotes a day, and obvsly it's mostly about Rafa and Roger. But sometimes it has fluffy animals too!
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Rafa won, making history and breaking records everywhere and generally being wonderful. He's amazing. It was a funny old match though. I was torn between wanting them both to win, so I was really sorry for Rog at the end.

It was very clear they were both very keyed up about playing each other again, and that was very thrilling to see! The tennis was sometimes brilliant and sometimes really not brilliant at all. I haven't got a whole lot else to say about it at the moment, except that I love this comment from Rafa:

"At times we did play well but I think we know each other so much that we are only focusing on how to make each other play worse."

Roger sat firmly in his chair during Rafa's pre match routine. Rafa sneaked glances at him and didn't get up, twitching his towel over his knees. Roger just kept on sitting there-- I'm not even sure what he was doing. This sitting down stalemate went on for ages until I seriously thought the umpire would have to do more than politely clear his throat at them.

On the podium afterwards, Rafa told Roger: 'You're amazing.'

Ion Tiriac gave a very boring speech. The stage wasn't big enough for everyone crammed on it, so Rafa and Roger were crammed up on one side looking like awkward school kids in assembly, with Roger's left foot actually half hanging off the edge of the platform.

They both looked really pretty. They were awarded identical matching silver tea tray awards.

Rafa lay face down on the court and kissed it at the end of the match. I think this is one of my single favourite moments.

Roger missed the ball with his racquet on match point, about which I'm still having massive contact embarrassment.

The stadium sound people played 'Simply the Best' by Tina Turner for Rafa at the end. Oh, lol.

Now, some pictures )
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Happy birthday, [livejournal.com profile] emungere! You are a wonder! Here's a mini Roger picspam in honour of your awesomeness:

Grim Reaper!Roger is coming to trim your grasses )
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Couldn't sleep last night, and the birds woke me up this morning by pecking at the insects on the window. I'm sitting here like a giant mole in my dressing gown, drinking tea and blinking at the light. Not that moles drink tea and wear dressing gowns. I know that. Imagine a more Wind in the Willows sort of scenario. Or maybe don't.

I have lots of post office things to today, and I need to do a lot of work on my empire of bags. Plus my installment of writing and going to the gym.

In the spirit of all that stuff to do, I'm going to post some pictures of Rafa. Because it's the tennis this week! Again! I say that like there isn't always tennis somewhere. It's the last Masters series tournament of the year, in Paris. Rafa has spent the preceding week picking up awards and wearing what look suspiciously like skinny jeans.

rafafa pics )

There's a great interview with Rafa here, where he talks about a lot about Roger, life at home and how he copes with losing. I like how he touches his chest when he talks about Roger.

Two interviews with Roger: At the moment I’m into bergamot. And this one, which is better and quite revealing about how he copes with fame and attention.


Oct. 13th, 2009 10:32 pm
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A moment of adorableness from the Shanghai Masters tennis:

Rafa and a fan )

A little interview pre Shanghai, where Rafa says very firmly that it's always better to have Roger there.

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Late as usual, I'm finally fiddling around with my dreamwidth account trying to set it up all nice. I'm louiselux over there too if anyone wants to add me to their reading circle. I'm going to keep reading here as my main fandom thing - I just don't want to miss out on stuff over there too. eta: I'm going to crosspost once I figure out how to do that.

I watched Merlin yesterday. Spoilers... )

Rafa lost at the tennis yesterday, although I had to miss watching it. In fact, he was crushed by Marin Cilic 6-1 6-3, and then afterwards said that he was mentally 'not there'. I find this kind of sad and worrying, but maybe it's nothing more than him having had a largely crappy year of injury and disappointment, and now he wants it to be over. Roger is still out of action, presumed babysitting while Mirka takes the credit cards on holiday.
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So anyway, it was the US Open final last weekend, Roger vs Juan Martin Del Potro (from ARG). It was a great match, 5 sets of tussling! Roger didn't win it though, mostly because he forgot how to serve for almost all of the match and anyway Del Potro-- hugely tall, mumbling, sort of overly hairy round the facial area-- was too good. Rog was very serene at the ceremony, which was great to see. There was no drama, for once. I mean, Roger has won a lot. Like, A LOT. Two slams this year already and now he has kids, so he's got other things in his life. So I think five US Opens already seemed enough for him.

It was a momentous occasion - only two other people have won a slam since 2003 when Roger began winning them. When you think about it, that's a ridiculous statistic. I really thought Mandbot would have a chance this time, but the wheels fell of that in the fourth round. Del Potro snuffled damply during the ceremony. When asked afterwards what he might spend some of his £1.25m winnings on he said: "Probably some cheesecake for my birthday." Not even a cheesecake shaped like a sportscar!

Also! Roger was in a bad temper for most of the match-- probably because of that slightly annoying inability to serve at all-- and he swore at the umpire! Three times! I just keep watching the Youtube over and over. I never heard him swear before at all. It's like the best thing ever.

I'm going to Cornwall tomorrow so I'll miss the Davis Cup antics: Spain are playing Israel, UK are playing Poland, Switzerland are playing Italy.
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Title: Rafa's Diary - days ten and eleven
Pairing: Fedalish
Warnings: worksafe
Rating: G
Notes: thanks to [livejournal.com profile] emungere for looking it over for me!

day one day two day three day four day five day six day seven day eight day nine

Day ten – Wednesday )

Day eleven - Thursday )
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Title: Rafa's Diary - day five & day six
Pairing: Fedalish
Warnings: worksafe
Rating: G

Day one Day two Day three Day four

Day five – Friday )

Day six - Saturday )
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Here's more, slightly behind schedule. Hey, at least I can't get jossed. :)

Title: Rafa's Diary - day three & day four
Pairing: Fedalish
Warnings: worksafe
Rating: G

Day one Day two

Day three – Wednesday )

Day four – Thursday )
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Thanks for all the positive comments on my etsy stuff yesterday, it gave me a much needed boost of confidence about it all.

In other news, am off to the dentist tomorrow as I have a painful tooth - one I paid a couple of hundred quid to have a root canal in. MASSIVE SIGH. I loathe the dentist. If anyone was mentally scarred by ever read any Herbert Van Thal Pan horror anthologies as a youngster, do you remember the one with the man who had a tentacle monster living in his gums? I reckon that was written by someone who had bad teeth. Dentists give me the fear.

[livejournal.com profile] tarteaucitron came to Reading on Friday. She is v awesome. <3 We hit up the Malmaison cocktail bar again and totally failed to restrain ourselves to just a "quick drink". After three each, we went back to mine, got bagels and cupcakes to eat and watched the last seven episodes of Supernatural season 4. It's no spoiler to say there was a lot of angst. A LOT. Spn is a fandom that I love to read in, and Tarte is good at the fic pimping so I'm enmeshed in a huge amnesia/psychiatric ward fic at the moment. Very satisfying.

I posted day two of Rafa's diary in the middle of the night. *shameface* It's here.

I stayed up late with [livejournal.com profile] buckle_berry, [livejournal.com profile] morebliss and [livejournal.com profile] emungere. We watched Feli losing to Dent (why Feli why??) and then the Mandy v Gulbis comedy tennis match. Honestly, it was the most hilarious thing I've seen for weeks. Gulbis is a complete mook - talented but his mind is clearly not on tennis, it's floating somewhere in space-- and then at the end Mandbot did a little pirouette and a split step.

Here's the damning proof )

Roger is through to the second round, having beaten 18 year old Devin Britton. Britton had his eyes completely replaced by stars. From his post match interview, when asked about Roger's forehand:

Q. So you think you're going to have some bad dreams about that forehand?
DEVIN BRITTON: No, I'm going to have great dreams about it. It's so pretty, you know. Any dream about that would be good.
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Just another day in the life of top tennis star and massive musicals fan, Rafa Nadal.

Rafa Nadal, a massive fan of musicals was invited to attend on Saturday night the famous Broadway musical Mamma Mia.

The production company and the theatre were delighted to have Rafa accept the invitation, especially knowing how busy he is, but also keeping in mind that it’s always in his plans to attend a musical every year. In 2008, he watched the famous Phantom of the Opera and this year, he was lucky enough to see Mamma Mia, one of the most popular musicals around the world.

Unfortunately for Rafa, he was late to the show given that he had to attend an ATP Player Council meeting. He only got there in time to watch the second act and was a bit disappointed for missing the rest of show, especially because he was really enjoying it. He will definitely try (if his schedule allows it) to watch the whole show again this week.

After a delightful evening, he was invited backstage to meet the singers and dancers of the prestigious and magnificent musical, giving him the opportunity to thank them for allowing him to come say hi, and also apologize for being late to their show.


Rafa in a sea of pink satin )
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Rafa has said today he feels 100% fit going into the US Open! Excitement!

I have sort of been assuming that he'll be out by the semi finals at most, but now maybe I wonder if he has been downplaying his chances a little or a lot, being cautious. It is a Rafa-like thing to do, as Roger points out. I'd love Rafa to win it and get his career slam. I'd just be so happy for him.

""For me to have the title here doesn't change my career, but if I had the title here, finish the cycle, it would be unbelievable," Nadal said."

It would be unbelievable. Well, we shall see in a couple of weeks time. It all kicks off tomorrow. Yay the tennis!
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Welcome to my ninety hi res pictures of Roger post! I took these during his quarter-final with Ivo Karlovic last Wednesday.

Click through for hi res pictures )
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Oh Rog, you enormous beautiful GOATiest waving dork <3333

They made him walk along a disturbingly rippled shimmery tunnel bearing the fruits of his labours! I bet Mirka really appreciated that imagery.

Roger's table decoration is a glitter ball. No, it really is. )

There's a sweet interview with Roger on the BBC, here, where the interviewer asks why he didn't show more emotion when he won. Roger says that he felt bad for Andy, likening it to the way Rafa felt bad for him at the AO and last year's Wimbledon. It must be a very odd and difficult experience, winning in such a comprehensively upsetting way for your colleagues. But still easier than losing, obvs.

I know a lot of people think Roger was an arse yesterday in his on-court interview. It was somewhat wince-inducing but I think he was genuinely trying to empathise with Andy.

net hugs and trophy ceremony )
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Queing in the early morning, Henman Hill, sunburn, warm sticky Pimms, [livejournal.com profile] buckle_berry minimising her face against my shoulder, endless pointless jokes, [livejournal.com profile] tarteaucitron deafening me with screams, frustration, disbelief, feeling bad for Andy Roddick, boggling at the final score, seeing Roger on the balcony with Mirka patting his bum, everyone losing their minds at championship point, walking home alone along Wimbledon Park Road in the dusk.

Oh, sigh. This was just the most brilliant day.

Watching the replay highlights, the tennis was exceptional. Andy Roddick was amazing, but so was Roger. It was one of those matches where you wish they could walk to the net and agree to call it a draw. But I was so incredibly gratified to see Roger win this match. He didn't go away and neither did Andy Roddick didn't flinch for the longest time. But finally it seemed like physical stamina and nerve were the deciding factors, and Roger took his few chances where he could.

That match was just an amazing thing to watch, even if I did want to bite through the chair seats at some points from sheer frustration.
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[livejournal.com profile] buckle_berry is coming to sunny Reading tomorrow! I can't wait!

That's not all, we are going to camp out at Wimbers overnight to try and get tickets for Roger's match on Centre Court. I know, this is terminal insanity. The tent is airing in the garden at the moment. The plan is to hit Wimbledon by about 10pm tomorrow, which is the earliest we can make it because of [livejournal.com profile] buckle_berry's train. This might be early enough to be in line to get Centre Court tickets, but then again it might not be. But either way I think it's going to be pretty hilarious. Camping! For Roger! If all fails we will get grounds tickets and roam around inside. If anyone else is going on Monday and fancies a meet up, drop me a comment and maybe we can attempt to find each other in the throngs?

We tried booking through Ticketmaster, but Ticketmaster is the work of Satan and says no.
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Roger's new Wimbledon kit this year is very shiny. Roger's bag handles co-ordinate with his belt, and under the coat there is a matching waiscoat. This is no ordinary tennis outfit.

It seemed to have upset some critics, not because they don't like the cut of Roger's trews, but because they think that Roger's dress sense is alienating proper manly men from watching tennis, for fear they might suddenly feel compelled to rush out and buy a gold and white manbag. Or something. Rock on, I say.

More Roger and some v pretty Rafa )
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From various reports, Rafa was moving well today in his exhibition with Wawa, much better than yesterday. He still lost though - they won a set each and Rafa lost the resulting tiebreak. He's having a press conference at 7pm today to say whether or not he's playing Wimbers, and I suppose he'll also give us the latest news on the tendonitis.

Rafa's poor knees. They need kisses and possibly also special bows tying around them. :(

Yesterday, Uncle Toni strongly implied that Rafa wouldn't or shouldn't be playing - it was all a bit strange. This is really the first time Uncle Toni has given me the irrits, because I seriously don't think he should be joining in the speculation at this point.

ETA: he's not playing, and said it was the most difficult decision of his career. Sadness. Get better soon, Rafa.
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Louise: If you were stuck on a desert island name one thing you'd want to have with you. It can't be a person.

Rafa Nadal: I prefer not be stuck on that... :-)


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