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I had a hellish meeting this morning with a client, really a terrible awful event, where I actually began to suspect she is fibbing about her CV. It was became plain to me during the course of this meeting that she has not even a tiny shred of nous about how to run a business. Disaster.

In other news, I have lost three kilos! This is since the beginning of May. However, I'm mostly measuring the effects of the gym by how much looser my jeans and skirts and tops are getting. Also, I ran on the treadmill for 25 minutes last night, which is a pretty big acheivement for me not only in terms of fitness but also motivation. Usually I get horribly bored after about 10 minutes, looking at my own sweaty face in the giant mirrors. Mmmm sweat.

In more other news, my new tennis boyfriend is still pretty. Also with a rather adorable and cute habit of pulling his underwear out of the crack of his arse before every serve. From the New York Times:

'When reporters once tried to get to the bottom of the habit, Nadal said the problem was actually his bottom. "A little bigger than usual," he explained.'

I have a Federer/Nadal fic currently at 5000 words, and I keep looking at it and not being able to decide if I want to write the porn or just write them having an excruciatingly polite and adorable tennis rivally of doom. I just love how in real life they're having an intensely dramatic fight to the tennis death-- really incredible skill-- all set against a background of spontaneous announcements of admiration, sobbing, affectionate hugging and monogrammed cardigans. It's special. They are so cute. I might have to stop using that word so much, but I quite literally cannot stop myself. They just are.

If anyone's interested in my 'research' on this matter, I have a twine for them, here: junk de lux. I've got 20 more invitations for twine also, if anyone wants one.

Also, sorry for not getting round to answering comments for ages. I'm trying to keep up and failing.
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At last! I haven't updated my cycling exploits since the middle of September last year. So, exercise.

I did two long bike rides out into the woods at Christmas, so I'm going to give a total of 30 miles for both. I did quite a lot of pilates up until Christmas then stopped and haven't started regularly again. I should, because it makes me feel so much more flexible and fit.

Exercise bike: 4.5
Real bike: 2 miles

Unreal bike: 4
Real bike: 1.5

New total: 221 miles - I am approaching the Weather Hills and Weathertop

Ps, I forgot who on my flist made this icon, but am v happy to credit if you let me know
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I haven't been cycling on the exercise bike so much recently due to my motivation failing, but I have been going out on my actual bike that rolls along every weekend for the past month or so. My tally for the last four weeks:

Unreal bike - 8 miles
Real bike - 16.5 miles - to Cane End, Dead Man's Lane then back along the Warren to Reading
Real bike - 11 miles - to Crowsley park and back
Real bike - 15.5 miles - to Dinton Pastures along the river to Sonning and back again

Grand total: 179.5

I've passed Bree and am now camping on the western edge of the Midgewater Marshes


Jul. 27th, 2007 12:40 am
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[livejournal.com profile] daegaer is at my house for the next while, inspiring my cooking creativity. Tonight we had salmon baked with fresh oranges and rosemary from the garden and it was delicious.

We went shopping this afternoon in the rain and bought copious socks and also manga, but bravely resisted spending any money in Lush. I got another Fumi Yoshinaga one shot, in the same world as Gerard and Jaques, and also something called Innocent Bird, about an angel detective who has to evict a demon-- I think that's what it's about anyway.

Tomorrow we go up to York for [livejournal.com profile] squeefest, which I am excited about. There will be old friends there and hopefully I will make some new ones too. *waves to fellow squeefesters*. My printer's broken so I can't print anything out for the story clinic, but I suppose I could get some input on two recent ideas for fic: idea 1) modern day fairies, involving Dr Nii in an experimental government facility ([livejournal.com profile] emungere I am looking at youuu) and; idea 2) Ginny is secretly a boy (what? shhh)

Monday - 4.5 miles
Thursday - 4.5 miles

Total: 128.5 miles - Riding along the boundary of the North Kingdom of Arnor towards the Great East Road
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Monday: 5 miles
Friday: 4.5 miles
Sunday: 4.5 miles

Total: 119.5 miles - Having been rescued from the Barrow wights, am riding north

I have a new technique on my bike that makes me sweat a lot more. I stay on for 30 minutes and go at a steady medium to slow pace for all that time and at the same resistance setting. It's utterly knackering.

As Pottermania hits my flist, I'm motivating myself with rewatching s7 of Buffy.
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Cautiously exercising again. I still have aches, so am trying not to do too much.

Exercise bike: 3 miles
Real bike: 7 miles (to Mapledurham and back)

Total 105.5 miles: Oh noes!! I'm on the Barrow Downs
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Last week: 1 mile of swimming
Monday: 5 miles of exercise bike

Total: 90 miles. Still on day 4. I am lost in The Old Forest. Send help!!

The exercise is probably not helped by all the crisps and chocolate I ate yesterday, but I can't make myself care too much.
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18 miles omg, 3 hours, total: 84 miles

Have leaped ahead to day 4 and am now in the the Old Forest

Just so you know, I am not on the exercise bike when I do these huge stints of cycling that take all afternoon, but on my actual bike. So, the 18 miles yesterday included cycling in a large circle that took in Reading, Checkendon and then Woodcote and back along the lanes to Reading, nearly all of it along back lanes and woods.

It was beautiful; hot enough to warrant shorts and the sky was absolutely clear blue all day, with the trees just showing new green leaves, blossom everywhere, random siamese cats, a gang of pensioners on tandems, buzzards, kites, many cows (live ones), bluebell woods and a peregrine falcon that crashed through a hedge about a foot from my face.

I have been doing pilates for the last four weeks-- "make sure your pelvis is in neutral"-- and I am beginning to see a difference in my waistline, or rather feel a difference when I put on last year's summer clothes. Everything fits just that little bit better.
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16 miles, most of an afternoon, total: 66 miles.

Am riding in Farmer Maggot's wagon towards the Buckleberry ferry

This was actually on Sunday, after I did 15 miles on Friday, and to be honest 31 miles in a weekend was a bit much for me. But gardening still makes me ache more in the legs.
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29 mins, 6 miles: total 35 miles

I have just hidden from a Black Rider and am proceeding at a stone's throw from the left of the road!

This time I watched American Idol.

Also, thanks for everyone's comments about the weight loss in the last post. So, not much lost particularly, but I am beginning to feel a difference in the fit of my clothes.


Apr. 2nd, 2007 09:50 am
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I think I might include my swimming in the Eowyn Challenge, just because I can.

30 mins, 0.5 miles, total: 29 miles. They stop to rest, eat and rest more.

I don't seem to have lost any weight particularly,which is annoying, but I have more stamina than I did about a month ago. I gardened for about four hours yesterday, and I haven't done that for about a year.


Mar. 26th, 2007 10:04 pm
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29 mins, 5.5 miles, total: 28.5

still on a road that rolls up and down

Yay! Also, we have a new TV, so I put The Machinist in again. And then I had to stop watching about 20 minutes in because I felt sick. Anyone who has seen it will probably guess why. I won't be finishing it, I think.

Talking of Christian Bale. I had an amazingly pleasant dream at the weekend, which was simply that he wanted to have sex with me. I'd like more dreams like that, plz.
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I'm very lucky, because [livejournal.com profile] hungry_worm sent me chocolate biscuits. They're extremely chocolatey and delicious. Mmmm. Also note the homemade protective packaging, which I love to bits.


In other news, I did 4 miles on the bike yesterday, taking me to a total of 17.5

Climb a steep slope. Pippins yawns (Nearly midnight)

I put Akira to one side because I wasn't getting in to it and tried The Machinist instead, except that the spooky thinness of Christian Bale must've caused my TV to blow a gasket. It died right in front of my eyes and now only makes sad clunking noises when I switch it on, with no picture. Have spotted a likely replacement on ebay-- taxi distance, 3 years old and with a 28 inch screen. It's currently at £50 quid.
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3.5 miles, 20 mins, total: 13.5 miles

Had a frugal supper and am heading towards the Stock Road

Finished Dodgeball. Am now watching Akira.
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5 miles, 31 mins

Cross The Great Road from the Brandywine Bridge. EnterTookland. This really is going to take me a long time.

I also watched the first 30 minutes of Dodgeball while pedalling. Alan Tudyk is in it, playing a man who is convinced he's a pirate! I did not know this. Arr.


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