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Needless to say these are spoilery for HBP: Linkses )
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Feel the fear! I'm never ever going to finish this 'Snape is a vampire' story, so I may as well just lay it to rest right now. If it was finished it would have been Snape/Lupin. As it is they just glare at each other a lot. The title comes from yet another WIP, a Harry/Draco that I'll also never finish. You might notice the precursor of ideas for Time Under Glass in here too, with Snape's potion.

Dead WIP: Pax Inimica, Snape/Lupin )
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I signed up for the [livejournal.com profile] remixredux challenge. It has a nice long due date- 10 weeks from now, or something, and it's not to late to sign up, all you Good Omens folk. That'll be me, mistress of the hint.

In a fit of something or other I also signed up for the It's All Been Done Before Fest, with a pairing I've always secretly wanted to write, Harry/Draco, and an overdone scenario which appealed to me: they meet again after a long time. Throw in a soupcon of redeemed!Draco et voila. Harry and Draco doing anything with each other at Hogwarts is just not even vaguely plausible for me because Harry is so completely beyond Draco's reach. Out of his league is the term that springs to mind. Not in terms of looks but in terms of life experience and confidence. Draco has the family and the priviledged home life Harry is streets ahead of him in knowing how to behave like a decent human being, even if he is a raging ball of testosterone at the moment. I suppose proof of that is that Harry has real friends, whereas Draco has prototype henchmen, Slytherin that he is. And he's a raging bigot and a selfish, spoiled brat. But those traits are things he could quite possibly unlearn once he's removed from the lifestyle he obviously leads at home, ie, domineering father and the DE-in-training upbringing.

I haven't read that many Harry/Draco stories but there are numbers beyond count of they-meet-after-Hogwarts stories. Possible cliched career paths for D.Malfoy on leaving school: foreign exchange student, prostitute, nightclub dancer, barman, gangster, gangster's floozie, shiftless good-for-nothing, drug addict, wearer of leather trousers.
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Mildy mild Snape/Lupin: Red is the colour: A Death Eater cocktail party goes horribly wrong for Remus Lupin. A 45 min [livejournal.com profile] contrelamontre fic.
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Some bastard called (supposedly) Charlene is spamming me with a virus. Don't know any Charlenes.

My new story, Nothing Like the Sun, is up at the Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest, Snape/Lupin, rated R.

Things you write on trains to pass the time
And, because someone (was it [livejournal.com profile] snowballjane?), somewhere, mentioned Aziraphale/books; a drabble.

His hands touched skin every day )
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There's post-coital hair, and semen. Er.

Snape/Lupin drabble )
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Guh. Sushi wrote the Sirius/Remus story that I've been wanting to read for years.
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Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] animandel for a link to a webcast with JKR and Stephen Fry, during which Rowling gave us some very interesting nuggets of information.

A cut to save the OotP unspoiled amongst us: thoughts about Remus )
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For some reason the servers at work don't like livejournal, and for most of the weeks it's been unavailable. That's good news for my boss, I suppose. Bah!

Random Buffy moment,
I've watched 'Once More with Feeling' twice over the past few days. One of my favourite bits is at the beginning, when Buffy sings (something very like) '...we'll do or die, and I've died twice.' Giles looks at her and gives the sweetest smile, and I turn into a little puddle of goo.

Non spoilery OotP thought
I'm deep into my second reading of OotP, and am noticing so much more than I did during the first frenzied read-through. I haven't been able to bring myself to read any fanfiction based on it though. I did read one short Snape/Lupin story, which was good, but it didn't feel right somehow. It seems a bit indecent to read or write anything based on OotP, like it's too soon. I've never had this feeling before and I'm wondering how long it will last, and what it means. It's probably somthing to do with wanting to enjoy the book on it's own terms for a bit, rather than plunge straight into either my own or someone else's version of it. I give myself another week, and then I expect I won't be able to resist.
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I've watched 'Once More with Feeling' twice over the past few days. One of my favourite bits is at the beginning, when Buffy sings (something very like) '...we'll do or die, and I've died twice.' Giles looks at her and gives the sweetest smile, and I turn into a little puddle of goo.

I'm deep into my second reading of OotP, and am noticing so much more than I did during the first frenzied read-through.

the obligatory OotP cut )
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I've lost the plot of the Potter fandom, if there ever was one, and some people would say that there wasn't. I don't know who's writing the good stuff, or what the cool new pairings are (as if I cared). I tend to stick to writers that I know I like, and don't tend to experiement much anymore in my reading. I'm still stuck on Remus and Sirius, much the same as I was way back in the days when Snape/Lupin was a pretty wild idea. Not that I'm nostalgic for those days at all; there's so many more writers now, even if I never do get round to reading them.


It was a lot of fun to write something in 90 mins, for [livejournal.com profile] contrelamontre. Very refreshing not to be agonising over every word, fretting, rewriting and then losing sight of what it was I originally intended. I'm not saying that one way produces better results than the other, but it was good to have a point to stop at, because that's what I'm bad at. Endlessly tweaking until the thing is utterly different from what I started out with. Sometimes that's good, depending on the quality of what I've written, which in itself changes form day to day, but other times I lose clarity and objectivity -in other worse, I just mess it up.


I've accepted that job officially now. For the first time ever I'll have underlings - three of them! I'm going to call them all Dave. Or not.


Apr. 24th, 2003 10:27 am
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This week my writing has gone terribly. Write a paragraph, cross it out, repeat all evening, then repeat all week. I just can't get into this story. Perhaps I'll leave it and try and do 500 words for Jae's secrets challenge, as a sort of sorbet to cleanse the fandom palate. Or whatever.

A long time ago I read a story that included the phrase 'Dumbledore's sweet ass', and for some reason this phrase is haunting me, because I can't work out if the author was serious or not, but the thing is, I think she was. Not that Dumbledore having a 'sweet ass' is necessarily a bad thing, but he would actually have an arse, and let's not say it's sweet. I feel I'm getting somewhat bogged down here. But while I'm reliving fanfic nightmares, I can't get those damned nipple rings out of my mind either, you know, the ones that belong to Jeremy Paxman. I haven't been able to watch 'Newsnight' since.

Other things
The garden is looking fabulous. M's mum bought us a car-full of plants on Saturday; an enormous artichoke, poppies, mulleins, chicory, loads of ox-eye daisies, fennels, tansy, lamb's ears, a rose, a clematis and a virginia creeper which I've planted under the pear tree. It'll grow up it, and then hang down in strands. There is also a purple thing, some clumps of yellow loosetrife, honesty, and forget-me-nots. I've planted yellow iris's next to the pond, as a landing staion for dragonflies and others.
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A comment by Titania on snapeslash made me think of how Sirius would be received by the 'old crowd'. How would they know that he was innocent? With added Remus love.


At the first house, Arabella Figg stunned him and locked him up in the cellar. She only let him go when the owl arrived, hooting urgently at the window. Later, after apologies, shock and sweet tea, Sirius sat in her comfiest chair eating cake and enduring the baleful glares of her cats. Arabella hugged him tightly as he left, her eyes still puffy from crying.

Mundungus Fletcher hit him on the head with a cricket bat he kept handy in his umbrella stand, because you never knew. As he crumpled to the ground, Sirius cursed the owl that was only now fluttering down to the door. After more apologies and a quick healing spell, Mundungus fed him a huge meal of meat and potatoes and listened solemnly while Sirius told his story, his eyes never leaving Sirius's face.

At the last house, Sirius didn't expect to be attacked, and he knew he wouldn't have to explain himself, but he tried to all the same. He didn't get far; Remus Lupin pulled him over the threshhold and into an embrace that simply got tighter, until Sirius was gasping for air and laughing. Remus loosened his grip, not quite smiling, then leaned in close again and kissed him hard, stealing the breath from his lungs once more.


It might become something longer. I quite like the idea of Sirius having to adjust back to wizard society. "Yes, actually I'm innocent. It was Pettigrew". "Really, no!" Imagine how many times he'd have to have that conversation. Imagine the cocktail parties!


Mar. 3rd, 2003 03:35 pm
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Tomorrow I begin two days of training on the deeply obscure Reading Borough Council Computerised Records System. God, even writing down is making me lose the will to live. There's TWO (2) whole days, 8 hours a day, training on this wretched system. I must've been very bad in a former life to have deserved this sort of punishment.

What have I been reading this week?
I very much enjoyed Thing, by Wax Jism and Cimorene, a Remus/Sirius story that really filled a hole (no pun intended, really).

A Proud and Bitter Crown, by Euryale, which is a LotR alternative ending story. I have a passion for these sort of AU's at present, and this is a good one
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Now seems like a good time to write. Boss is at a conference and I have no pressing work. Read a pretty good story, called 'cake', on snapeslash. One of those whirlwind PWP's that make me go all hot and bothered. It was a follow-on from 'Lost Feeling', which I wasn't as convinced by. It did though have a wonderful sex scene at the end. The way this person writes about sex just brings it alive. She can make it intense, yet with touches of reality and humour that make me melt.

Very entertained by the nappy-rash of Snape-baby stories on list, although I find the idea of Snape in labour quite brain-boggling.
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Gosh, If I never read another piece of fanfiction that involves the words 'slender', 'tawny', 'raven' and 'locks' I will die a happy woman, but somehow I don't think it's going to happen. I just read a most annoying story on a list. Annoying because it was overblown and overwritten. The two characters were supposed to be only 12, but came across as 42. I was contemplating the dullness of Celine Dion's voice the other night, and started wondering what it was about her singing that gave the kiss of death to any potentially interesting tune. I think it's because she puts everything she has into it, and ends up killing any subtlety one might hope to find in the lyric or music. Overwriting has a similar effect. Lots of description, but it doesn't bring the story to life. A sort of over-earnest tone that ends up sounding adolescent.
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So why does Snape wear high collars? Maybe he's one of those men with incredibly hairy chests. Yuk. Let's not make it that then. Maybe it covers the scars from a bite- from a vampire. I'm surprised more people don't play around with that Snape-is-a-vampire theory more. Maybe it's too hard. The Snape and Black becoming friends theory has definitely got legs.

That handshake they shared at the end of GoF reminded me of something, and I only realised in the bath last night what it was. It's those films where you have two cops who are forced to work together, yet hate each other, and then by the end of the film they become friends and the last shot is of them walking off bickering in a chummy manner. The enforced mutual respect theory.
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Got sent an enormous bar of choccy this morning by Saul and Anne. Too bad it sends me into sugar spasms. I don't care, I'll eat it anyway.

Read Torch's HP fic again last night and didn't get enough sleep for work today. God, it's so good, not least for all the Snape/Black interaction. 'Interaction' is an awful word but I can't think of another that's more appropriate. I have a vivid picture of Lupin and Snape in that bed, lying with their arms touching. I love it when stories do this to me. I just can't get it out of my head. I wonder if that's the mark of being a nerd? Getting obsessive about something so quickly. Well, it certainly helps me get though dull times at work.

Work is okay at the moment. I'm not freaking out or thinking I'm going to have a panic attack, well, only to a manageable extent. Progress at last. The only snag with getting better is that I am well enough to work full time hours. Boo.

The whole Snape/Black thing is fascinating . There is potential there for something, don't really know what though - it's like they are at different ends of the same spectrum. It would be great if they became friends after all this time - I thought that JKR might do that in the future books.
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Just read an amazing story by Torch, about Lupin, Snape and Black and I feel all uplifted and zippy. No slash, but that was by the by and there were lots of lovely undertones. That person can write so well and make it seem effortless - something I aspire to.

Think I might have a go at the Parapet fic competition. My Lupins, Snapes, and Blacks are ranked and waiting for instructions, or rather, screaming to be let out of their boxes. How heartless am I? Keeping them locked up like that. Tut.


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