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Gakked from [livejournal.com profile] mistressrenet

Ask me for "top five" lists of pretty much anything, and I will list you my top five of that thing or things.

Then put this in your own LJ! If you want.

[livejournal.com profile] scribblemoose tagged me for this meme a while ago: 10 fictional characters I would sleep with (only slightly in order of preference)

1. Sha Gojyo from Saiyuki. Leather catsuit compulsory optional.
2. Ni Jyeni from Saiyuki because you know there's nothing he wouldn't do. Actually, possibly also a good reason not to sleep with him.
3. Cho Hakkai from Saiyuki, but not on a rainy night, thanks.
4. Klaus Eberbach from Eroica, just to see what the hell he'd do.
5. Ralph from The Charioteer by Mary Renault-- neurotic, worldy and driven, bit of hedonist, bit depressed. Just seems my type, or at least when he was 'doing women for a couple of years'.
6. Remus Lupin comfort sex!
7. Spock, because I'd feel obliged after all these years.
8. Benton Fraser, although he wouldn't have sex with me because he's CLEARLY GAY.
9. Wesley Wyndham Pryce because, yeah. He can be naughty.
10. Aziraphale. By this point, not having sex would be a nice option. We could just drink tea and read books.

Feel free to gaze into this meme's beautiful emerald orbs and elope with it.


Mar. 16th, 2005 03:53 pm
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So, nobody really knows why we yawn. Although a chap called Wolter Seuntjens thinks it might have something to do with sex 

"In discussing pathology I discovered that yawning and spontaneous ejaculation were mentioned concomitantly in terminal rabies."

How romantic.

And then "Likewise, yawning and sexual response were associated as clinical side effects of several antidepressant drugs. In one publication an undeniable causal relation was reported: both spontaneous and intentional yawning provoked instantaneous ejaculation orgasm."

If today is anything to go by then I should've been in a post coital daze all day. *yawns*  Nope, still nothing.
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[Fixed the typos now. Sorry. That'll teach me to be twitchy with the post button]

I've been thinking for a while about sex. Ahem. Writing sex, that is. I think what I'd really like is for people to point me to their favourite sex scene/PWP and then tell me why they think it's good. I don't know if I should try and define what I mean by 'good' at this point as everyone's definition of what's good in a sex scene is different. All I can do is to describe the things I think make a sex scene good: that they be erotic, charming, moving, intense, warm, human and real, either all or a combination of these qualities. There.

A long while ago, someone gave the best advice ever about writing sex scenes. I can't remember who it was, sadly. They said, before you embark on writing, go back to the stories that you think had wonderfully written sex in. Now, sit down and work out exactly what it was about it that made it so good, what you liked about it, what turned you on. Apply that when you write your own.

Some sex scenes that are good and why I think so )


Jul. 24th, 2003 10:44 pm
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A good way to distract one's self on long train journeys is to think about sex, and often, usually on the way home when I can't manage anything too complicated, my veneer of respectability hides a seething morass of wantonness. If only they knew! But all the same, I'm glad they don't. (They being the other people on the train, I suppose) Now that would be embarrassing, if only because people would then know that I spent large chunks of time thinking about fictional characters and their sex lives. Or, um, do you think the fanficion gives that away already?

I've filled pages and pages with weird stuff this week, all written on the train and all very nearly illegible. Each morning I've worked on the Snape/Lupin story, and got a little bit further each day. It's quite hard to reach that 'flowing' stage on a train though -too many distractions. On this evening's journey I wrote 2 pages of a very strange thing about Crowley, and three false starts for the second part of Self-love. Don't know what's happening with that yet.

Work is good. The first few days were a horrible sort of limbo, as no one knew what they were doing, but I've more of an understanding of the project now. I was a bit scared of being team leader (still am, really), but I'm finding that it's actually rather nice to be able to tell people what to do and for them to listen. And, like lion taming, it's important to show no fear.
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Hmm, half my friends list seems to have gone to Nimbus. I'm looking forward to the reports filtering in after the weekend, even though they'll make me a teensy bit jealous that I'm not there.

I wrote a story about Crowley wanking. Go me!

When I was looking for a title I discovered this site, which has the most comprehensive list of euphemisms for masturbation that I've ever seen, not that I've seen that many, of course. My favourites are:

For women: Dusting the endtable. It sounds so genteel!
For men: Visiting Old Faithful, and, Applying the Hand Brake. Very manly.

I spent an unholy amount of money today on a new haircut and more clothes and shoes. But it's done now, thank god. And I've still got some money left over to buy my train tickets. Oh goody. Still, I'll look nice, even if we have to live on gruel for the next month. Talking of gruel, here is a recipe for those interested in how to make it, from the lovely and very strange Frank Key.

A Recipe for Gruel
You will need the following ingredients: oats; water.

The following equipment is essential: a big pot; a big spoon; the Holy Bible

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'The rules of the Shastra (Sutra) apply so long as the passion of man is middling, but when the wheel of love is once set in motion, there is then no Shastra and no order.'

In the modern world this would be what we call the small print.

'On account of its causing pain, striking gives rise to the hissing sound, which is of various kinds, and to the eight kinds of crying ... and to which may be added sounds like those of the dove, the cuckoo, the green pigeon, the parrot, the bee, the sparrow, the flamingo, the duck, and the quail, which are all occasionally made use of.'

Personally I've never made a noise like a duck while in bed, but it's good to know that that it's allowable and not beyond the bounds of civilised behaviour.


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