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One trip to the Sue Ryder giant jumble and score! One mouldy and bent copy of Wuthering Heights. It renovated nicely though with a bit of white spirit and some stern clamping. It's the same design as the Heidi bag, that familiar red and gold cover.

Since I made this bag, I had 'Wuthering Heights' by Kate Bush going round in my head for literally days. I mean, I love Kate Bush but enough is enough.

Heathcliff! It's me your Cathy I've come home now, put the kettle on have a lovely cup of tea! )
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My new product development! Mills and Boon wallets o'romance. I'm really pleased how these turned out, although the vinyl is a real bitca to sew. Thank you , [livejournal.com profile] toscas_kiss, for the lend of the special grabber foot. Total lifesaver.

moar under here )

I also found some awesome mouldy paperbacks today, all old Sherlock Holmes covers that have a bit of potential. One of them shows Holmes gripping a cock in one hand, round the neck.

Also, I might (no, I mean, I AM going to) be doing nano tomorrow with [livejournal.com profile] emungere. We have a plan! Sort of.


Oct. 12th, 2009 12:07 am
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Update on the Empire of Bags - I have a second wholesale order and four bag commissions on the go! Let the wooting commence.

Also, I made a new bag today: 'Stories for Girls'. Not Gay stories for Girls, sadly. Although [livejournal.com profile] tarteaucitron did help me track down a copy of that particular book. It's on my wishlist of things to make.

Also I've done some further twiddling about with book clocks and I think the results look kind of cool.

pics )

In other news, we watched a German climbing film called North Face. It was sad and I cried. And I still haven't seen The Sam and Dean Show aaargh.
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[livejournal.com profile] daegaer totally inspired me to make these, for she knows the ways of excessive manliness. Now you too can sport manly ejaculations!

I made these originally for her birthday, but then thought other people might like them too so I put them up on my Etsy shop.

This way to bigger pics of manly Victorian badges
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"A beautiful wholesome bag, designed to put you in mind of innocent youthfulness, log cabins on grassy mountainsides, and Grandfather."

All the time I was making this I was thinking of that BBC childrens tv series that was possibly made in alliance with some Swiss tv company, and Heidi was an adorable curly haired moppet with a piercing voice. My mental notes on Heidi go: Heidi - is shipped away to (or poss from? or both?) log cabin on grassy moutainside with Grandfather. Grandfather dies? Other plot points - don't know. Ending - don't know.
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I made shiny new bags! I'm really happy with these two. I love the letters fabric a lot - shame it's so hard to track down.

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Also, I'm going to [livejournal.com profile] connotations the weekend after next! The room with is paid for now, so... I better get my backside in gear and actually register.
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Exciting news! I have an Esty shop selling cute book bags and other paraphenalia! It's over here, called Bookity. It has several things on at the moment - three four bags, two purses and some gift tags, and I'm planning to put on more items as I make them. I'm also really happy to do commissions

I've also been contributing a bit to the Literary Gift Company, where there are several more of my book bags for sale, as well as a couple of book clocks. Check them out here. Oh, and I should say I always try to use books that are on their way out, either through damage inside or being out of date. There are a lot of Readers Digest publications out there. The dark art of cutting up books, truly!

Exciting pics here! )

I also have a Bookity blog, where I post ideas, prototypes, pretty fabric, tutorials I've found and things that are inspiring me at the moment. So people might be interested in that who also are making stuff.

I'd really appreciate any feedback people have, or actually people's experiences of selling on Etsy. I don't see it making me lots of money right now, but I'm enjoying being creative with it all.


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