Jan. 13th, 2004 07:34 pm
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So it was 4 pm and now it's 7.30. LotrRiPS just ate my afternoon, like a big gay chompy thing.

This week's big thing is Buffy season 6 on DVD, which is good because it means Once More With Feeling, but it also means The Trio of Ultimate Annoyance. Okay, I hate them. There's also the irritating Cautionary Tale of Willow and the magical addiction, which of itself is potentially an interesting storyline but has a definite air nannyish moralising about it that never fails to wind me up. Hmmm, this wasn't suppose to be a Buffy whinge-fest. I do love the show really.

[livejournal.com profile] ms_popularity is a sweet idea, and a refreshing anitidote to more the malicous fan-bashing journals.
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Spending the day with wet legs is bad. This is the second morning this week that the rain has bucketed down, and now my umbrella is broke and my trousers have absorbed gallons. We spent yesterday morning getting wet and visiting a bed factory in Tipton, which is a beyond god-forsaken place. The factory was interesting, although I didn't get to lie down at any point. My job has done a dramatic u-turn from being bad to being the job that I originally applied for. The website saga is still not resolved, but I no longer have to fret about them.

I'm still reading LOTRiPS (see my knowledgeable use of the little i!), and I've got down to M in the recs archive I'm using. It's odd, but I'm finding it a very relaxing thing to do, just reading one story after another. I haven't read serious amounts of fic for a long time. It's nice, like my brain is being put on hold. It's a lot easier than writing anything, so maybe that's why it feels like such gentle, fluffy activity. Oh, wait, that's the fic.
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Since the great lurgy of 2004 I've been doing various things, not many of them exciting, but some of them did involve not going to work, and also gay porn, which was nice.

I seem to be reading LotR RPS, or LOTRiPS as it's known, (except I'm not sure where the lower case 'i' goes, mostly because I don't know what it's there for), at the moment, mostly Dom/Billy or Dom/Elijah. It's very porny. There's a definite house style to the stories I've read so far: well written, quite a lot of present tense, lots of rather well done character-study type stuff, good sex scenes that seem to avoid using many cliches. But (the lightbulb goes on) that's probably because all the fics I've read so far are all one person's recs, which are here, if any one's interested. I don't think this is a fandom I could seriously get into, but it's fun to visit. It's a bracing contrast to Good Omens fandom, which is decidedly un-porny, not that I'm complaining though, seeing as how the un-porn is as good as anything else, ever.

What else? I sat in my algae bath tonight and mused on how much it smelled like a stagnant pond. The algae-baths were a present by my brother. You pour some sludge into your bath water, and then the algae is supposed to do good things to your skin. Make me more frog-like? Make me more green and smelly that I already am?

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Arrgh! As well as recovering from the food poisoning, now it's my (assume booming voice of vengeful god) Woman's Time. Christ on a fucking bike, I should just've never got out of bed this year. Still, we're going to see RotK again tomorrow, which seems the best way to spend my last day of freedom before the school holidays are over.

I've been watching the cast talk-over on The Two Towers for what seems like all day and am almost dead with the pleasure of it all, except for towards the end when I wished Sean Astin would just calm down for a second, but that might have been my headache.
A few spoilers for that and RotK )


Mar. 3rd, 2003 03:35 pm
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Tomorrow I begin two days of training on the deeply obscure Reading Borough Council Computerised Records System. God, even writing down is making me lose the will to live. There's TWO (2) whole days, 8 hours a day, training on this wretched system. I must've been very bad in a former life to have deserved this sort of punishment.

What have I been reading this week?
I very much enjoyed Thing, by Wax Jism and Cimorene, a Remus/Sirius story that really filled a hole (no pun intended, really).

A Proud and Bitter Crown, by Euryale, which is a LotR alternative ending story. I have a passion for these sort of AU's at present, and this is a good one
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One thing I noticed about TTT the second time round was the noticable lack of big white Hollywood teeth. Okay, I know that a good proportion of the cast were British and that we're renowed for our bad dentistry. But all the same, it made me happy to see real wonky teeth shown 10 foot high on a cinema screen, in one of the year's biggest films. .
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All right, I admit it; I have a crush the size of a house on Elijah Wood.

But anyway, moving swiftly on, I also love Bagenders.
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At the moment we have a lawn mower and a dismantled chest of drawers in the front room. Apathy has struck: M got as far as oiling the mower but it's been sitting there for 4 days now, on newspaper. I can't be bothered to move the drawers. There are clothes still in the washing machine from two days ago, and M has been late for work twice in row this week. I don't know what his excuse is, but all I have done in the last few days is sink deeper into an ever-widening morass of LOTR fanfiction and cast interviews. Following [livejournal.com profile] amptowl's example, I am now on C at the Library of Moria. This is very bad, as it involves not moving about at all, just slumping in front of the screen like a lump. I have got a horrible cold though, so that's a small reason. Ideally I'd like a laptop, so I could recline gracefully in bed or on the sofa and read in comfort, but considering my finances, that's highly unlikely.
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Two offers of holidays in one weekend can't be bad. Two weeks in Estonia in July, and a holiday in Las Vegas/'come with us round the world' in September. This year has officially been designated 'Year of the Holiday'.

Non-holiday things (ie fandom)
There was a reason that I shied away from LOTR slash for so long, and what that reason is I have quite forgotten. No, wait. It's because LOTR has not the slightest whiff of sex in it. The Bible is hotter. To me, mixing sex and Tolkien is akin to sacrilege. I can't help it. It just seems deeply wrong. But then there came the films, and they aren't entirely sexless, for reasons that one glance at the cast will furnish. So I have this internal battle going on, Gollum-style.

But, beyond the allure of making pretty man sleep together, I think LOTR must be one of the trickiest fandom to write for, and I mean to write well for. Like some other book-based fandoms, like Sherlock Holmes, LOTR has a beloved and unshakable canon source, and the books have a unique tone and style about them.

But there are the books, and then there are the films. If you're using the films as canon, is it okay to disregard the tone and style of the books? If you're using the books, do you want to produce a close imitation of the style of the books, in order to produce a story that seems a plausible extension of JRR's world? Or do you ditch plausibility for hot sex? I've read all these styles over the weekend, and they all have a certain charm.

But what it comes down to for me is that I grew up with the books, and that informs my attitude to how I perceive the quality of fan stories. They have to retain something of the original author's style/tone, to make them convincing and satisfying, and to make me feel when I'm reading them that this really could've happened.

Getting back to the original point, it's often the sex in LOTR fan fiction that, frustratingly, spoils the story for me. But I still want to read it, and I know it can be done convincingly, because you just have to read something by [livejournal.com profile] caraloup.
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Seeing TTT has released my inner squeeing fangirl in a big way. Just like FOTR did, but worse. How many hours can I waste reading celebrity gossip about the cast? Many, many of them. Last night's Elijah Woods-a-thon got a bit out of hand and now I know far more about his life (for life read gossip) than I ever actually wanted to - I was only looking for some nice pictures!
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The best Frodo/Sam stories are the most angst-ridden ones, by their very nature, what with the sundering seas and all that. I feel like I'm drowning in misery! I feel like I've been scoured. I really, really need to read something cheerful.

Truthfully, I'd forgotten the intense melancholy the book provoked in me as a pasty-faced 12 year old. The Grey Havens made me cry, with the thought of Sam being left behind, and Frodo fading away into memory. And Arwen laying down on the deserted hills of Lothlorien to die, alone. God, I love a good dose of angst.
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I saw The Two Towers last night. (I'm a bit behind the times, I know).

Some parts of it were perfect, and some parts were not so perfect, but as a whole I loved it and would have sat and watched it all again. The perfect bits were Grima Wormtongue, and Gollum, Helm's Deep and Isengard. I was so impressed by the CGI at Helm's deep, it never drew attention to itself. And the cinematography was incredible.

The general tone of the film was slightly cringeworthy at some points: there seemed to be far too many rousing speeches. I counted at least four. And the half and hour or so of additions to the plot seemed a little unnecessary. I've no problems with the plot not being identical to that of the book, and I understand that the film makers would need to get more love interest in there. But the part with Arwen and Aragorn was quite tedious. And Eowyn, she really didn't get across that icy, bitter resentment of the book.

A lot was changed, and if I was to list everything here that I didn't like, then this would be a long-winded post. And I don't want to moan either, because I genuinely like the film very much.

(But there could've been more hobbit-suffering).


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