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Squeefest was so good - my favourite one so far and not just because of the copious amounts of cake, but because of every single person there being essentially a bag of awesome. *massive group hug to all, love, tears of pure joy etc*

Now we are back and getting into the swing of slorming about and drinking tea. I think we're going to see Wall E tonight, and I might make pizza, and tomorrow we are going to rent a car.

My obsession with tennis continues. YES. Today, Roger Federer is playing his first round game in the Cincinnati Masters series. He crashed out of the Toronto Masters horribly last week, to everyone's shock and much doomsaying about his career being in freefall. I can't hardly bear to look at the news to see what happens with him today, as I think he is playing pretty much right now. The pressure on him to not fail is enormous. Gah. I just can't watch.
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I am writing more tennis rps (stop laughing). I'm just having a thing here, and [livejournal.com profile] emungere is helping.

See [livejournal.com profile] buckle_berry's awesome and very pretty manifesto for more information on hot tennis players and the gay sex they might hypothetically have. Okay.

Also, [livejournal.com profile] daegaer is arriving in sunny UK tomorrow, and is coming to my house where I have specially made sure the toilet paper matches the new lino in the bathroom. Except not really. On Friday we're going up to York for [livejournal.com profile] squeefest and then after that I have the entire week off. We are going to hire and car and go quietly insane in the English countryside, I think. Hoorah!
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I had a completely awesome weekend.

Yesterday I went to the gym then, exercise achieved, I slormed on the sofa and watched Rafael Nadal's arms the Wimbledon's mens singles final on TV. Rain stopped play twice, and despite that the game went on for 4 hours and 45 minutes, finishing just as the light was fading at gone 9pm.

It was a totally fantastic experience, an epic struggle, and I now can proudly say I understand tennis scoring, if not Roger Federer's love of personalised monogrammed cardigans. Nadal won! It was a great moment. He fell over and then climbed into the stands to hug parents and to shake the Prince of Spain's hand. Then he cried. And then him and Roger Federer were all polite and nice about each other in the interviews. ♥ I might be developing a minor obsession, which [livejournal.com profile] emungere isn't really helping with by showing me picture of Roger Federer looking actually handsome instead of just be-cardiganned and then telling me she wants tennis slash.

On Saturday I met up with [livejournal.com profile] new_kate in Birmingham, sort of a halfway meet up for us. I was an hour late because my early train was cancelled, but it didn't stop us spending the day at a fever pitch of excitement. We'd planned a girly day of shopping and also PEDICURES, which I have never had before. We packed a lot into our 8 hours together.

We had brunch (bircher yoghurt for me and salmon sandwich for Kate, plus some wasabi peas that I couldn't actually cope with at that time of the morning) and coffee drinks. We ate sitting on the limestone steps in the Bullring in the sunshine and catching up with each other about life, fandom, what we'd been writing.

After that we plunged into Selfridges to ogle clothes. We did mean to go to the women's department, but the men's designer clothes department got in the way. I have to say, I never seen anyone get as excited about a well knitted sweater as [livejournal.com profile] new_kate, and she likes to rub her face against them and coo, and we spent a lot of time stroking shirts and sweaters and leather jackets. Also designer swimming trunks!

junk de luxe )

sparkly tiny swimwear )

rolled up sock package )

The pedicures were at a place called the Obsession Salon, in an upmarket mall called The Mailbox, because it used to belong to the Post Office. The rumour is that there are tunnels underneath it that run from there to New St Station, for the mail to be delivered from the train to the sorting office. If so, I want to go in them.

At the Obsession Salon we got foot massages, foot scrub, nail tidy and finally a to nail colour of our choice, applied twice over a base coat, and with a top coat to seal. The only drag was that it then took about half an hour to dry, and even then it was still slightly tacky. Some rubbed off later in my shoes. The pedicurist warned me though

Post pedicured feets )

So, on coming out of there, with freshly pampered feet, we spotted some more men's designer clothing in Harvey Nichols and were sucked inside. Paul Smith shirts! Gucci belts! Kate tried on about 75 pairs of ridiculous enormous sunglasses, and we found this:

beard lube )

Then we moved onto shoes. Omg so many shoes.

Fendi sandals )

Scarlet Louboutains )

Alex McQueen silver princess diva shoes )

Then dresses. None of the ones I tried on fitted me particularly well, but Kate found two brilliant ones. I had a lot of trouble finding a size (UK) 16 in Harvey Nichols in anything. In fact, I didn't find a single one even though I looked quite hard, and I was really surprised at the lack. I managed to squeeze into some size 14s though, but it's never as much fun if they don't fit right. So I lurked around admiring seams while Kate was in the fitting rooms.

It took us two whole hours to free ourselves from Harvey Nichols, but after that, ehausted, we had a late lunch at the cafe in Malmaison.

Obscene looking sausages with mint jelly in a shot glass )

So, we failed to actually buy anything girly, so we moved onto the bookshops, where spending success was acheived! Kate got the luxury Hellboy edition and vol 1 of Nana, and two other mangas that I can't remember now, and I got vol 1 of Vassalord. Then we moved on to Borders, where I got vol 2 of Wild Adpater and a DVD of The Prestige, which I must watch soon. Also, I forgot to take a picture of our books.

Finally cold crisp Italian lager and the wasabi peas, which was a delicious combination. Then the train home.
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I wrote fic: Saiyuki Gaiden, Kenren/Tenpou: Ascension, r, for the [livejournal.com profile] saiyuki_time challenge.


I still have [livejournal.com profile] new_kate's notebook and makeup kit from when she came to stay in April. It was an awesome visit, I think I forgot to mention it at the time, and we had grand plans to go and see some opera that have not gone anywhere yet. Yet! Maybe going to see opera is more a winter activity. She also told me, in vast sprawling hours long installements, about the novel that is currently living inside her brain. There is nothing like listening to someone with an amazing imagination telling you a complicated and well thought out story about hot men, religion and mysterious technology. I wallowed in it, verily.

It inspired me to begin to plan out a new project for this summer, which involves concerted novel writing with an aim for publication. I have two loose ideas which need a lot more firming up, but hopefully I'll be ready to start in about a month's time. I've embroiled [livejournal.com profile] emungere in this as well, so we can egg each other on/commiserate/gnash teeth, and she already has something she's been wanting to write for years, so that's worked out well! My Grand Plan, let me show you it.

In other news, I slipped on our garden steps and smashed my arm in a flailing way into the steps. I now have a lovely dull blue bruise that is highlighted with purple speckles and dashes of vibrant yellow. I also have a line-shaped matching bruise on the posterior. Ow.

Final note: I am really confused about who to vote for in the lj elections, but I feel I should vote and add my voice to the throng. From what I've seen of them, [livejournal.com profile] jameth appears to be something of a dick, [livejournal.com profile] rm seems to be extremely sensible, and the others I don't know at all.
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I had a great time in Cambridge with [livejournal.com profile] puddingcat and her friend Wes, [livejournal.com profile] scribblemoose, Mr Scribblemoose and Ms [livejournal.com profile] dark_squall, even if my visit was far too short. We hired the Bacon room at Corpus Christi College and sat in its panelled cosiness and drank copious tea (and later port) while it lashed with rain outside. We watched anime and talked a lot about lots of things, including the dementedness of what we were watching and Wes and puddingcat's long trailing personal histories of who met who and when and through which friends, which was very entertaining. Also, the Bacon room had the world's largest and most secretest lavatory, which was accessed via a small secret panel in the, um, panelling. Inside it had tardis-like proportions and looked out over the beautiful stained glass windows of the college chapel. I had a great sense of peace whilst using it.

But anyway! We watched Goku's Burial arc, which made me grin like soppliy a lot-- Sanzo smiling!-- and an episode of Executive Committee. Kubota and Tokitoh are so much less angsty than their WA counterparts and its kind of nice to imagine this as an alternative life for them. I've forgotten the name of the last one we watched - the one with the were-lovers, the handcuffs, blue hair and pink hair and the hot school mathemetician.

Afterwards, we wandered off for food to the Rainbow Cafe vegetarian, which is tiny and crammed into a cellar. The food was gorgeous - I had spinach lasange and a bottle of organic cider with mango and cardamon cheesecake for pudding. The cardamon came through very strongly and the cheesecake seemed to have a thick layer of cream on top, so much that I couldn't actually finish it. Then we all climbed in a taxi and I got on the train back home, so I could parent-wrangle the morning after.

So I don't forget, [livejournal.com profile] dark_squall showed me some of the beautiful art she picked up at Yaoi-con. I wrote the artist's name down somewhere, because she is just that good. There is just something so inspiring about hot elves in samurai outfits.
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Bye bye [livejournal.com profile] daegaer, who is leaving our fair British shores today, and by shores I mean Stanstead airport. It was truly a joy having you to stay and thank you for the giant pile of socks you left me in a rainbow of colours! A sockbow, as you called it. I am wearing some yellow ones today in honour of, well, having a lot of new socks.

In other news, Gaywyck continues to be fabulous. Robert, our troubled hero, is deeply in love with Donough Gaylord. He has found secret diaries in the writing desk in the art room, has investigated a secret dark passageway (!), has been stalked in the abandoned cottage in the grounds, had his letters stolen and has fallen into a miserable slump over the cruelty of winter and is tormented by nightmares. But! Just as he is about to expire of despair into Brian's beautiful spice cakes, Donough has arrived, bringing with him Timothy Goodbody and Eugene Mortimer who wear Persian lamb and sing Mahler. (for my selected excerpts, see this post)
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We fly back early this evening. It feels like I've been here far longer than six days - in fact they've gone by in a blur and I'm so glad I have tomorrow off as well. Right now, we are in [livejournal.com profile] daegaer's sitting room, drinking tea and vaguely thinking about packing, and I have been writing up my week.

Thursday )

Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

In random other news, I've begun reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince again. It hits me anew just what a bunch of little shits most of Rowling's child characters are. Harry is particularly appalling, all boiling rage, rudeness, badly thought-out plans, smirking and general me me me. A teenager, basically.
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We're going for a walk along the harbour this afternoon. Hoorah for bracing winds! My birthday day was fab - fantastic food, people and Dublin shininess, not forgetting the joy of matching loo paper obviously. I have got a longer post half written, but we did so much that I haven't had time to write about it all.

We did watch Lone Ranger on DVD (courtesy of the [livejournal.com profile] connotations raffle). Lone has a silver mine hidden under a bunk in his shack, and says that he will only shoot silver bullets in future! They will be a symbol of-- something. Justice. Or shiny goodness! It wasn't clear. [livejournal.com profile] daegaer is now threatening to write Lone Ranger fic, where Tonto is Lone's mental healthcare professional. The Loon Ranger, as M has helpfully just put it.

My birthday

Feb. 8th, 2007 10:59 am
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Yay, happy birthday to me!

I am safely in Dublin, at [livejournal.com profile] daegaer's home and I can indeed confirm that the lavatory paper matches the colour of the bathroom! Thank heavens, or we would have gone straight back to the airport. I can also report that [livejournal.com profile] daegaer has the world's most extensive collection of tea bags.

I let [livejournal.com profile] daegaer hear the Ding Ding Dong song by an incredibly camp man called Gunther, who pouts and has a moutache at the same time, and now she is addicted. For [livejournal.com profile] emungere, and anyone else who wants to hurt their brains, there is a whole website of Gunther.

[livejournal.com profile] scribblemoose gave me balloons. ♥ ♥ ♥
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I always say I'll stop signing up for challenges, but some are just too tempting, like [livejournal.com profile] springkink. Today is the last day for prompts to be posted - see this post here for all the Kink Fest info. You need to leave your prompts on this post here by the end of today.

For all your kink reference needs and a little inspirational reading, there is extremely comprehensive list of kinks compiled by [livejournal.com profile] eliade


In other news, for my birthday we are going to Dublin to visit [livejournal.com profile] daegaer's newly decorated bathroom! I can't wait. I spent an afternoon in Dublin about 10 years ago and have very dim memories of the Liffey and more vivid memories of driving round in panicky circles trying to get to Dun Laoghaire. But! Yay, Dublin! Excitement!

In more other news, I have done frig all work today, but there are cocktails and Italian food planned later. Reading has a bit of a hidden gem - a restaurant called Pepe Sale, that does the most delicious pasta and in huge portions. It's tucked away on a brutalist bit of 60s town landscaping that also acts as a handy wind tunnel, which I think is why it's not more well known.
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Day 14
Originally uploaded by other versions.
Late night AIMing sometimes throws up strange things from my brain, like I'm already dreaming. It's a phenomena often noticed.

Which I think is why [livejournal.com profile] emungere wrote me the beginning of a poem about Tennyson mysteriously catapulted through time only to fall in love with Johnny Weir.

I don't know either! No, I do. It's because I said Tennyson was hot when he was younger. With fabulous hair! I saw this portrait of him in the National Gallery, you see, and things went from there.

She is a strange and wonderful person. ♥

In other news, there are 14 photos up now on my 365 project.
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My holiday so far has been more hectic than last week at work, which I am sure is wrong somehow. But it is a fun wrong, mostly.

Dedicated tea-drinker and hot porn writer [livejournal.com profile] new_kate came to stay on Monday and left this afternoon and she is a very very good guest to have. During this time the basement entrance room flooded twice and I wrote 5000+ words of my yaoi challenge fic. I also hosted a mince pies party. Fear me!

Umm, however, some santafest/crimbletide/holiday cards may well not get there until New Year. Something had to give, and this time it wasn't my Primark tights.

Oh my god I am so tired.
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Oh, youkai Hakkai! Guh. I feel like Minekura just showed us a tiny glimpse of the secret porn stash she surely must have hidden somewhere.

Also, hello. I am back in sunny Reading. The squee fest in York was a lot of fun and I met some very cool people, new friends and old. Also, me and [livejournal.com profile] daegaer stole the remaining men's pocky from the fridge this morning. Sorry! [livejournal.com profile] scribblemoose did a fantastic job of organising the whole thing, and is just as huggable in real life as online. Also, sorry that I didn't manage to say goodbye properly to various people or talk properly to enough people either.

But still, it was much fun and now I feel very very tired indeed. I enjoyed the writing workshops on the lawn so much, and the discussions that arose - would love to do more of that at some point.

Work tomorrow. Drat.
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Meeting [livejournal.com profile] yami_tai was lots of fun, with that funny moment of initial eye contact and surprise and 'Hey, it's you!' And then we proceeded to blather to each other all afternoon - it was very pleasant indeed. Also, we should go back to Pitas cafe and try some of the food there, because it looks delicious.

The manga event was, well, an event. The man at the till downstairs in Blackwells was shockingly rude to a Japanese girl who didn't know much English. She smiled in a desperate sort of way and rushed off, poor thing. Blackwells have clearly not yet movied into the modern age of air conditioning, so the poor Tokypop man was looking a bt glassy-eyed and there were hints of a rictus. There was an art competition and the 12 year old girl who won the younger age group was stunningly talented. And she was so shy when she went to get her prize! It was incredibly cute and really I was almost welling up.

Me and [livejournal.com profile] yami_tai both got a ridiculously ginormous TokyoPop bag, with a TokyoPop sneaks book, top sellers catalogue and Rising Stars of Manga book. Two of the rising stars were there, giving what seemed to be fairly good and detailed drawing workshops, although they were largely lost on us, so we sat at the back chatting in undertones and trying to guess the age of the attendees. We were not the oldest people there, just. There were a lot of teenagers, some early-mid twenties people and a few older types. We failed horribly at the multiple choice quiz. The only question I knew was the Saiyuki question. We both won things in the prize draw, but I gave my Princess Ai poster away to someone who seemed to actually want it. [livejournal.com profile] yami_tai, have you listened to your Samurai Girls School soundtrack yet?

Then we went for coffe frescatos at Costa Coffee, my official favourite drink this summer... the same as it was last summer. Then Waterstones on the way home, where I bought The King's Last Stand by Geoff Ryman and where [livejournal.com profile] yami_tai and I told each other, yes, we really going to make an effort to read more, and not just fanfiction.

And now I am making chocolate cookies, from [livejournal.com profile] beautifulsoop. They are easily the best tasting cookies I have ever made. Yum.
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Okay, so it looks like I will defintely be going to [livejournal.com profile] squee_fest_uk, and in the company of the illustrious [livejournal.com profile] daegaer, yay! So, perhaps now might be a good time to find accomodation, yes? I must remember to sort out my [livejournal.com profile] connotations booking too. And decide about Yaoicon this year while I am at it. And find a nice cheap holiday on a beach somewhere.

In other news I am working my way slowly through Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman, and enjoying it. I like the style and the tone - it reminds me a lot of Neverwhere, but seems far more solid somehow.

I have been writing screeds of fiction, but none of it is in a postable state, or often even properly finished. But about a 1000 words a day on various things, which I am pleased with. This morning on the train I began an original short story that I hope to send off for a deadline at the end of this month. I don't know if I can meet the deadline, or if 23 days is long enough to write and edit it, but seeing as it's going to be about 6000 words long, it seems enough time if I don't let myself get too distracted by other things, by which I mean manporn. Shut up. Speaking of which, I need to start editing my chapters of the epic porn novel. There are just so many things I want to write, aargh. Frustration. I wish I had more time for them all. But at least I have a plan, even a vague plan.

So, June looks like it's going to be fairly busy, and here I was thinking it seemed quiet. My parents are insisting on taking me to a boat show on Sunday, and the weekend after that is a family party in Kent. The week after that I hope to have off and was planning on doing the face-down onna beach thing. Thankfully work is not too demanding at the moment, or I feel like I might pop a gasket.

Finally, have a photo of my garden:

big giant poppy )

The con

Oct. 3rd, 2005 09:14 am
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Ugh, Monday morning. Sore throat, tired, WORK.

How many people have fangirl throat this morning? I could say it was caused by squeeing non stop for 48 hours, but I think it's really a symptom of sharing a small, very warm hotel with 50-odd others for two days and meeting new germs.

The con was excellent, although I only attended one or two panels this year. Most of it was spent sitting around talking, drinking, watching vids and playing Slashopoly (Mayfair and Park Lane are the Wedding Chapel and the Maternity Ward respectively-- the only property I got to own was The Boss's Desk).

On Saturday morning we went for a very nice walk along the wind-tunnel that was the sea front into Tynemouth and had lunch and poked around in bookshops. Tynemouth has an absolutely enormous monument (the huge thing on the hill) to Admiral Collingwood, who apparently was in the battle of Trafalgar but failed to die demanding to be snogged by any sailors, so isn't very famous. But someone loved him, clearly.

I was so, so happy to meet [livejournal.com profile] new_kate, whose picture is in the dictionary next to 'adorable', and generally had a great time hanging out with [livejournal.com profile] daegaer, [livejournal.com profile] toscas_kiss, [livejournal.com profile] penelope_z, [livejournal.com profile] mandragora1, [livejournal.com profile] graculus and [livejournal.com profile] lasultrix, and other people who's names I wasn't sure of and didn't spend enough time talking to.

I left a bit early due to the hangover from hell and an upset tummy, but the train journey home took 6.5 hours! Track work, apparently.


Aug. 9th, 2005 05:36 pm
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Am back. It's good to be home, although I think I'm in love with Glasgow. What a fine city. Worldcon was immense fun, even if I completely ran out of energy by Sunday afternoon and couldn't face one more panel. Sunday night curry with [livejournal.com profile] hfnuala, [livejournal.com profile] yonmei and the soon-hopefully-to-be-livejournalled Heretickal One was great fun and they helpfully planned out my Famous Five thirty years on story for me. I alo spent a couple of very pleasant hours that day with [livejournal.com profile] weyrlady talking about all sorts of things including anime, gadgets and Japan.

I'll do a longer con report later, when the painkillers have kicked in. I have arm pain (from a bad shoulder-- too much beer drinking... ?) so am typing this one handed. I'm off to the doctor tomorrow to get it checked out. Hopefully it's only a muscle sprain, not galloping tendonitis or something.

Oh and, please let me know if any of you wrote fic, otherwise I will probably miss it and I would hate that.


Aug. 6th, 2005 03:22 pm
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I like this worldcon business. It's lots of fun and I've met various delighful beings: [livejournal.com profile] hfnuala, [livejournal.com profile] derryderrydown, [livejournal.com profile] yonmei, the non-livejournaling person who I only knew before as The Heretikal One and [livejournal.com profile] weyrlady.

The History of Anime panels have been very good and very funny. The last clip we were shown today showed how a girl can sing at the evil galactic baddies and make them go away with the power of her bad pop song. Also slash, romance, Robin Hobb, writing-- lots to think about all these things if I get the chance and if I don't forget. And the Nippon 2007 party had stuffed toy Godzillas on the tables, and the wind-up geishas were cute. I have about 2 minutes left now, as computer fun time is strictly regulated. All I have left to say is that someone needs to write the Famous Five story set thirty years on.
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I had a great weekend and visit from [livejournal.com profile] daegaer and [livejournal.com profile] toscas_kiss. On Saturday we picked up some romance novels (don't ask) from a jumble sale-- it's hard to comprehend that people can still willingly write dialogue like 'You treacherous little vixen!' but they do. Or, 'kiss me before I die of loving you.' *heaves* OR 'When the teacup began to sway they simply smiled and attributed it to the magic of their love.' Their love is teacup-shaking! And:

'She met him thrust for hungry thrust, soaring through the primeval jungle of desire that took them to the beginning of time and slung them back into the future.'

Anyway, moving somewhat dizzily on, I have much love for xxxHolic by CLAMP. Okay, I'm going to change my stance on CLAMP art yet again because I love the art in this. The story is very cute, reminiscent of Legal Drug but with a much better plot so far. The black and white, tone free art is very pretty.

I finally watched episodes 18-26 of Samurai Champloo. For the first few I was wondering where the plot had gone and what had happened to the art, but then the last three turned out to be very good indeed and big spoilers for the ending )

Due North

Jul. 15th, 2005 09:08 am
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Due South has been well and truly pimped at me. I love it as much as Ray loves Fraser, which apparently, from what I can tell from watching the pilot episode, is a lot. Fraser is pretty!

Yesterday we staggered about Reading in the heat. [livejournal.com profile] daegaer got some Birkenstocks in the sale, I bought some Flying Fox shower gel from Lush - it's jasmine scented and very addictive. HMV also had a sale so we each bought some cheap anime. And it was pretty cheap in all respects, too, when we watched it. It featured mostly vampires and poor voice acting and things going splat. Then we went to the Friar Street bookshop and bought bagfuls of manga each - yaay.

We spent the afternoon collapsed in the shade in my garden reading manga. [livejournal.com profile] daegaer passed the time inventing some new mpreg genres. Wing-preg-- is that where your wings get pregnant or where you get wings if pregnant? Needs some ironing out, that one. There was also much discussion over exactly which flavour of Pot Noodle Crowley would eat during the epic Crowley Angsts Into His Pot Noodle story, which I swear never to write. Answer: chicken and mushroom. I have some ideas for my [livejournal.com profile] bb_shousetsou story, which at this point mostly involves werecats and vampires. Possibly werehamsters too. Hmmm.

I tihnk we're going to Oxford today for a look round and then later tonight off to pick up HBP! *quietly chokes with excitement*
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I had to lock my last post because it was making me feel gloomy to read. It's one thing pouring angst out-- it made me feel better. It's counterproductive for me to read it and get depressed all over again.

Anyway, I should get my act together because [livejournal.com profile] daegaer is coming to my house tonight - yaaay! There will be much anime watching, cracktastic chatting and wine swigging and also, later this week, Harry Potter reading.  [livejournal.com profile] toscas_kiss I will email you later about Friday, but you're welcome to stay over.
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Yo [livejournal.com profile] daegaer, you know I had that niggling feeling I was doing something on the weekend of the 16 July?  Harry Potter. I'm definitely dragging you out to a midnight opening.


Jun. 17th, 2005 03:05 pm
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About meeting up at Worldcon - [livejournal.com profile] astolat has kindly offered to organise a Thursday evening get-together for media fen. If you're interested, RSVP to her post here to let her know.
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I thought I'd better do my 'I'm going to Worldcon, does anyone want to meet up' post now so I can be organised rather than not. 

So, ahem: I'm going to Worldcon in Glasgow and does anyone want to meet up with me?

I've never been to a big con before, so am expecting to wander round in an info overload half the time and am also expecting to feel completely lost. I'm going with friends so won't be alone, but it'd be great to meet up with any of you, at any point. I would dearly love it, so drop me a comment here if you want to.
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My face is hot and pink-- this is not to do with anything exciting, but it might be the gardening and the Cava. 

The parental units were here all day and we did the garden and were all very industrious. I don't think I've ever made so many cups of tea in such a short time.  Then a friend came round with one of the little people, who insisted on trying to throw herself in the pond for an hour, until she became too random and had to be bundled in her pushchair and taken home.  Now, I'm utterly knackered.

The week ahead is exciting!  The [livejournal.com profile] remixredux archive will be going up tonight/tomorrow, hopefully. Writing your own remix of someone's story, you tend to forget that someone's doing a remix of one of yours and it gives me alittle glow to remember.

[livejournal.com profile] daegaer is coming tomorrow evening and there shall be much watching of anime and giggling. Tuesday we are meeting [livejournal.com profile] irisbleu in London and there is a high chance there will be a [livejournal.com profile] snowballjane there too-- yay!  Interspersed with the fun there's work, but only till Thursday, thank god.


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