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Using Delia's recipe I made a good start by forgetting to add the yeast, only remembering at this point:

doh! )

So I was hot and cross by this stage. Unlike the buns. Haha. I left it there and began all over again, making a new batch of dough. Luckily I had lots of everything. While the new dough was rising, the idea of wasting all that other dough really began to get to me, so I decided to make some Easter flatbreads. I just squashed the dough out into flattish discs and cooked it with a little bit of butter in a pan. I broke my favourite spatula - I snapped it! Clearly I don't know my own strength.

easter flatbread )

They were pretty nice actually, for a flatbread. Eaten during Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I never realised how much make up Johnny Depp wore in that film. Finally, the buns were ready:

hot cross buns )

I made the crosses just by cutting into the dough, but this method failed almost totally. Visually they are a bit of a mess. Delia's suggestion is to use 'strips of wet pastry'. Right.

Verdict: 'quite nice'. They tasted great and the inner dough was lovely, but I think they were cooked too long or I made them too small, or perhaps the yeast was old because they were a bit tough on the outside, where I wanted them to be more squidgy. I glazed them with water and sugar and that helped a bit.

Not bad for a first go round, but I'm not wowed. It would've been more successful as a loaf, I think.
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The entire kitchen is covered in chocolate.

I've got a cake base and a ganache, now I just have to make the filling and put the thing together. But first I have to wait for everything to cool. I need a cup of tea.


Apr. 20th, 2008 08:30 pm
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I was in the sort of mood yesterday where everything seems useless and crap, and the weather was vile. I used several coloured pens to plan out the remaining parts of my Monsters story and I cooked, which always makes me feel better.

I made bread - a bloomer style loaf that expanded in a huge and satisfying way in the oven into a sort of bread zeppelin. I also made the tradtional English dish of toad in the hole. Not with real toads, obvsly. It was delicious - the Yorkshire pudding was soft and melt in the mouth, with rich red wine and onion gravy that I simmered for an hour. To go with it I made broccoli and peas with red onion and fennel and some white balsamic vinegar. Mmm, must remember that one.

One of the little people came round earlier bearing a home made carrot cake (made with twenty billion carrots, she informed me. We found out later that it was really only four). It was delicious and moist! This coming week I'm experimenting with bread and butter pudding, as I'm going to make one for my friend J's birthday on Friday.

Today we bought sand so I can expand the brick paving in the garden, and more plants: two pink delphiniums, two furry silvery-leaved things I can never remember the name of but they have extremley bright pink flowers, garden mint, four celeriac plants, two foxgloves the colour of raspberry yoghurt and some crazy frou-frou purple and white petunias for the tubs. I'm growing peas this year for the first time, with trepidation and many warnings of doom from my dad. They coming up all right, but I don't know how to keep the fucking snails from eating them. I'm also growing tomatoes, six different kinds of greens, dill and coriander and basil. Oh, and I bought a butternut squash seedling with no idea where to grow it.

Frog news - the pond is now basically a tadpole nursery. There are hundreds and hundreds. I am scared.
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Sadly, [livejournal.com profile] puddingcat missed the great gloopy unveiling of the blancmange yesterday, so here is a pictorial history of the event:

Blancmange of doom! )
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Here's some photos from my birthday trip to Whtiby and places more north than that even.

Whitby and Staithes, cakes and pants and cheese )
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I'm very pleased to see that Hobbies Odd is back.

I picked some blackberries today and then made them into a sort of puree in the blender - lovely mixed with apple juice, or with some yoghurt and maple syrup- which, even though it sounds a bit I'm-desperate-for-sugar-what's-in-the-cupboard?- is delish. I've probably eaten too may, got bit of tummy-ache now.
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Good Thing number 1: My new boss suggested, all on her own, that I work from home one day a week. Woo! How wonderful. It only works because 2 of my 3 Daves will be off one day a week doing their MA. Yay!

Good Thing number 2: I have a swanky new blender, and can now make soup till it spurts out of my ears, should I so desire.
Spinach Soup:
3/4 good handfuls of fresh spinach
Same of watercress
2 Bouillion cubes ('Just Bouillion' are good)
3/4 Spring onions
5/6 smallish potatoes
Two generous dessert spoons of creme fraiche
Tsp nutmeg
salt and pepper

Dissolve the bouillion cubes in a pan of hot water, add chopped potatoes and boil till soft (appx 15-20 mins. Add chopped spring onions, watercress and spinach, nutmeg, salt and pepper. Simmer for a few minutes. When the spinach is soft, put it all in the blender and blend!

Put it back in the pan and add a couple of dollops of creme fraiche. Stir, heat up gently and serve. Sprinkle some parmesan cheese on top if you like.

Good Thing number 3: chatting to Pogrebin. I'm agog to see that story, I mean it!


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