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Ladybirds are swarming in the garden! Has anyone else noticed this today? I can see at least ten flying about from my workroom window.

Ion I watched the first two eps of Supernatural

Dean has kept Sam alive against his wishes by letting an angel sektrily possess him. Selfish, Dean! And a horrible betrayal of trust. What will happen when Sam finds out that angel Ezekial is frostily possessing his ass? This comes directly after the end of s8, where Dean stopped Sam from closing the gates of Hell forever, because it would mean Sam dying.

I'm drawn to this angst like a moth to a flame, and it would be even better if spn suddenly turned into a brutal examination of Dean's codependency - the lengths he is prepared to go to keep Sam alive so he can continue to have a brother. Although, you could probably already argue that that is what spn is?

Howeber, my heart sinks at the thought of the entire of s9 being about demons and angels fighting each other, because spn demons and angels, with a couple of exceptions, are just balls.


Date: 2013-10-17 04:11 pm (UTC)
enigel: Sam and Dean and slashy innuendo (SPN S/D boys interrupted (me))
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Dean's codependency being listed under Natural phenomena seems to define it, doesn't it? :D

I think the show is just that, pretty much, except it doesn't feel like it because the POV is biased towards considering it a good thing. I'm not sure how much more brutal it would have to get. ;-) (Because usually it ends with the Winchesters being - justified? validated? I mean, they're the POV and main characters. They do get questioned by others on their choices, but it doesn't seem to stick or have long-term consequences.)

I'm not feeling as fannish about it, alas, as I once was, but I can recognise the same Epic Love Story of Sam and Dean that I tuned it all those years ago. ;) (Even with Castiel thrown in! And under. And in between.)


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