Sep. 27th, 2013


Sep. 27th, 2013 02:05 pm
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I spent an hour this morning tracking down a bad smell in the kitchen. Imagine a slice of brie has crawled off and died. In fact, I thought it was the brie in the fridge, but no. My final guess, after crawling round to check nothing had gone and died behind the footboards, was the sink, so I bleached the fuck out of it. Not very environmentally friendly but by that point I didn't care.

We went to see the NT Live Othello last night, with Adrian Lester as Othello and Rory Kinnear as Iago. They were both brilliant. And surprise Lyndsey Marshall as Emilia! I did not realise she was in it. She was great - cynical and by the end ragingly angry, probably as you would be if you were married to Iago. The setting was a modern day army base, so she was in army combats, and her hard bittenness seemed to set Desdemona's innocence in starker contrast.

Also, during Desdemona's traumatic murder scene (which really was not played for laughs!) someone in the row behind me kept laughing! Not just once, but several times. Maybe even five times. Dr Lecter, was that you?

I have a date with friends and booze tonight, which I'm looking forward to. Then a full weekend programme of HOME IMPROVEMENTS. Well, not really. More a weekend of lots of cups of tea and lounging about reading. The main improvement is plastering in the enormous hole I made when I was stripping the walls in stairwall. Getting that single thing will make me happy. But I also still need to patch some holes in the bathroom and finish painting in there too. And there's the whole other matter of papering the stairs, but that might have to be for another weekend when the new plaster has had time to dry.


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