Aug. 29th, 2013

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Okay, so I'm going to do this thing. The thing being the 30 day festival of non stop posting meme that I have seen happening on my flist. I like reading your posts. I like it when lj is not 70% a barren wasteland! Also, the perma-moan that is Tumblr being so clunky for having conversations on.

I had Unexpected Reading Festival last weekend, when [personal profile] new_kate arrived without the man, so I was able to use his ticket. Because I am middle aged now, I hadn't heard of anyone on the Friday night lineup apart from Green Day, but we had a great time! We had fun spotting legitmately middle aged people among the threshing sea of teenagers. I got my picture taken with Batman. We had a disaster at the female urinals, where you're given a flimsy cone that allows you to pee standing up. First I had perfomance anxiety and couldn't go. Then when I got over that... I'd drunk quite a lot of beer and it all went wrong. *Draws a veil*

Kate fell in love with an ephemerally beautiful youth who had a large tattoo on his back that showed the Hulk with chained Wolverine crouching shirtless at his knees. It was an interesting concept! Then I made her watch 5 episodes of Hannibal.

On Sunday I went up to see my Dad and spent the bank holiday gardening. The weather was beautiful - sunny but breezy with fluffly clouds. I harvested pink fur apple potatoes and planted curly kale and celeriac and carrots for the winter. It's a bit late to be sowing them really but we thought we'd give them a go. I'm not sure what to do with the potatoes beyond potato salad, but potato salad = yum so it's not really a problem.

Ion I'm thinking of reviving my fanfic recs, because I've been reading so much and tend to just lose all the good stuff.


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