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Mads Mikkelsen's mouth is one of those genuine bee-stung mouths - slightly too pouty and sensual, and it draws the eye in an otherwise rather harsh face. And that is perfect for Hannibal, because his mouth is where the crimes happen.

I really need a Hannibal icon.

Talking of kitchens, we are getting a new one. The current one suffered from mildew because the previous owner didn't care about fixing the guttering, and even though it's all be cleaned and bleached, that mildew smell just lingers and its horrible. I priced up what we'd need today: cupboards, doors, wall tiles, work tops and miscellaneous kitchen parts. We have a local reputable building dude who can come and do it. So I think that's going to happen in the next month or two. We're going to attempt to paint the tile floor because we decided that trying to get the current ceramic tiles up would be a nightmare and expensive.

Talking of the white noise in cafes yesterday, when I'm at home and I want an ambient noise that's not radio 4 (which is fairly often these days) I like to listen to 10 hours of rain

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Ha! I resisted the urge to post rainy whitenoise links, yet here they are anyway! I kind of like some of the driving ones, too - i'm a derp. For the kitchen, I've heard that there are some floor epoxies that might stand up well to the wear and tear. It's hard to get good wear out of a painted floor.
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"Hannibal" and "kitchens" shouldn't be mentioned so close together. >.>

Ew, mildew. Yay, getting rid of!

Ooh, rain noises! Excellent, thank you. :)


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