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I pushed on with the decorating this afternoon. The bathroom now has only one blue wall, and some holes that need filling and painting. So, out of the six rooms in the house, I have now painted three of them. That doesn't include the downstairs hall, which I've also painted. The stairwell is next, but that's a different magnitude because it needs the wallpaper stripping off and then it has to be repapered, including the ceiling. That's right, sounds like a nightmare!

Ion, I have carried on writing every day this week, which is making me happy. I've created a routine, so that I have time to do it after work, which at the moment means I spend an hour or two anywhere between 4pm to 7pm. We also mostly sorted out the breakfast room (it is really a dining room/library but the mr named it the breakfast room and it stuck), and it's a really pleasant and peaceful room to write it.

The Sworn Virgins of Albania

Date: 2013-09-08 10:22 am (UTC)
berry: (instead of climbing up the walls)
From: [personal profile] berry
you are making amaze progress with your houzzze. i feel the time will soon be right to take on the challenge of the hallway. is your new kitchen fitted already?


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