Sep. 19th, 2013 04:51 pm
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I finally saw Star Trek Into Darkness last night. Yes, I remained unspoiled for four months!

I was in some places completely in love with the character interaction and how fresh the script felt, and those are the bits that have stuck with me rather than the actual plot, but at the end I was left with the feeling of having consumed the low fat version of Wrath of Khan. Wrath Lite. All the character death, half the feelings.

Maybe it's because they are riffing off earlier films and I'm very aware of that, but the emotional resolution between Kirk and Spock felt somehow... unearned? Maybe it's because they are literally little more than babies fresh out of school. I don't know. They haven't even begun their trek~~ yet.

The emotional payoff of the original Wrath of Khan is built on an actual epic fan journey of 20+ years of knowing the characters, so when Spock died it truly felt like the end of something huge and important. Men I knew cried in public. They sobbed! But when Kirk dies here, he pops up back to life ten minutes later and everyone's happy again. Men did not sob.

I did love the final scene, where Kirk thanks Spock for saving his life (btw it was Bones's idea dude), and Spock says, very carefully, 'You are welcome, Jim.' It doesn't sound like a platitude; he makes it sound like an actual invitiation.

Wikipedia just told me that L Nimoy only agreed to be in Wrath of Khan because of the lavish death scene!

Some oh JJ Abrams no moments: Carol Marcus in her underwear. I cringed so hard I broke something. Women officers in minidresses. REALLY? And is it really beyond the bounds of possibilty to cast an actor of Indian heritage as Khan? Seriously, no?

Ion, tonight is jam making night. I just have to find the jam pan in the moving boxes. D:
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