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Domestic triumph

We had a little housewarming do on Saturday, almost sixth months to the day we moved in. Thankfully Mr Lux was the only person to spill his drink on the carpet, on his way up to bed, although the floor of the breakfast room looking like someone had been dancing on dropped nibbles for the whole night.

I suppose I'm really starting to feel like an actual homeowner now - it's nice. We wallpapered two of the three nightmare walls on the stairs last weekend, in preparation for having people round.

That's my plastering under the window! I can't recommend it as a passtime

Omg! Wallpapering the stairs: NEVER AGAIN

Going up and down the stairs is now a pleasure. Well, apart from the remaining wall but that's not quite so doomy. It never got damp, so we just need to finish stripping the old paper off. But after the exertions of the past two weekends, I'm not planning on any diy for the next few weeks, unless it somehow ambushes me.
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*hugs* That's an amazing difference, and you've more than earned sleeping on your laurels for however long you want!
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I know this is old, but wanted to say it sure looks good!
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