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You guys, I looked at my archive and realised that the last time I posted a fanfic was February 2010. I have written things over the last few years (and not finished them), but nothing has caught my attention since then like Hannibal. It just had to be serial killers, didn't it?

Fandom: Hannibal
Title: Mangata
Pairing: Will/Hannibal
Rating: explicit
Notes: MÃ¥ngata: (Swedish) the roadlike reflection of the moon on the water. Thank you to that crazy kid [personal profile] emungere for the beta.

Summary: After the fight with Tobias Budge, Will takes Hannibal home. Takes place between episodes 8 and 9.
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Okay, so I'm going to do this thing. The thing being the 30 day festival of non stop posting meme that I have seen happening on my flist. I like reading your posts. I like it when lj is not 70% a barren wasteland! Also, the perma-moan that is Tumblr being so clunky for having conversations on.

I had Unexpected Reading Festival last weekend, when [personal profile] new_kate arrived without the man, so I was able to use his ticket. Because I am middle aged now, I hadn't heard of anyone on the Friday night lineup apart from Green Day, but we had a great time! We had fun spotting legitmately middle aged people among the threshing sea of teenagers. I got my picture taken with Batman. We had a disaster at the female urinals, where you're given a flimsy cone that allows you to pee standing up. First I had perfomance anxiety and couldn't go. Then when I got over that... I'd drunk quite a lot of beer and it all went wrong. *Draws a veil*

Kate fell in love with an ephemerally beautiful youth who had a large tattoo on his back that showed the Hulk with chained Wolverine crouching shirtless at his knees. It was an interesting concept! Then I made her watch 5 episodes of Hannibal.

On Sunday I went up to see my Dad and spent the bank holiday gardening. The weather was beautiful - sunny but breezy with fluffly clouds. I harvested pink fur apple potatoes and planted curly kale and celeriac and carrots for the winter. It's a bit late to be sowing them really but we thought we'd give them a go. I'm not sure what to do with the potatoes beyond potato salad, but potato salad = yum so it's not really a problem.

Ion I'm thinking of reviving my fanfic recs, because I've been reading so much and tend to just lose all the good stuff.


May. 14th, 2013 01:16 pm
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Moving news: we have moved! We're still in the 'one room is full of unpacked boxes' stage, but it's been four weeks now and we are mostly functional. It still feels quite strange to be in this house, but I love it.

We have a three page list of things we need/want to do to the house (shelves feature heavily), but we've started off by fixing a couple of ongoing damp problems and some basic decorating and cleaning, and that all feels like a big achievement. I got my workshop up and running in the first few days, although I still haven't had time to properly organise everything in there. That might take a while. Stuff is, as ever, everywhere.

I'd forgotten how draning moving is, like using up a month's worth of energy in a couple of days. But it's actually been good for me, because I fall asleep at midnight instead of lying awake until three am, which was the habit I'd got into since my mum died. I've been thinking also how to remember her in this house, and I've decided to spend the bit of money she left me on a stained glass panel for the transom window above the door. She loved stained glass (and all things shiny, really). I've seen some beautiful work recently by this artist.

So anyway, the siren call of fixing and painting things is just too strong to resist, so I'm going to capitalise on my early enthusiam to get it done, because who knows how motivated I'll be a year down the line? We're going on holiday to Greece for two weeks in June, so we'lll be forced to do nothing then. Also I obviously need to factor in enough time spent slorming on the couch watching tv and staring at the internet, as is my wont.
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The last day. What a slog! But by tonight I had got the uploading and making posts down to a fine art. I hope people have found it interesting - it's been good to do, and I gave it a lot more thought than I thought I would.

Sunday )
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I conked out on the sofa again last night so didn't post anything, so here are Friday and Saturday:

Friday )

Beware [profile] matildafilch, there is my face below the cut. Not a very big face though, if that helps. Saturday )
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It got late too quickly yesterday and I had to slope off to bed instead of posting, so here's two days worth of pics.

Wednesday )

Thursday )
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Happy birthday to the awesomeness that is [personal profile] emungere! I hope you are having a wondrous day! ♥♥♥
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This entry is a bit late as I had an unexpected after dinner nap. Also, arachnaphobes please beware - there is an eight legged critter in the middle of this post.

Tuesday )

Hello World

Mar. 4th, 2013 01:12 am
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Happy (late) birthday to [personal profile] puddingcat! I hope you had a goodie ♥


Ion, I was a bit surprised to see that I haven't posted anything since mid- November. Life has been something of a long dark tunnel over the winter. The combination of grief, cold dark weather, and a series of irritating colds and sinus infections (one if which is still lingering and giving me a bit of trouble with tooth pain) has left me feeling like a mouse hiding in a hole. I've been going up to visit my family menfolk reguarly, and we've been doing a lot of gardening and having bonfires together, so that has helped.

There is news on the house moving front. We still haven't moved! Not the best news, I know. But, our vendor has told us she still wants to go ahead, so it could be worse. My new hobby is harrassing the solicitors and the estate agents and we hope to at last exchange contracts in about a week.

I bought a guitar. I'm not sure about where I'm going with it but I'm really enjoying my lessons. [personal profile] tarteaucitron bought me the Justin Sandercoe book, which I would totally recommend for complete beginners. It offers lots of small stages of achievement, so I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere. My fingertips have gone leathery! I am competent on six chords and my ability to sing an actual tune is improving (my voice is a weak instrument).

For my birthday in Feb, [profile] buckle_berryy and [personal profile] tarteaucitron bought me a ticket to see the all male Twelfth Night, with Mark Rylance as Olivia and Stephen Fry as Malvolio. Hands down, it was the most joyous night in the theatre I have ever had. So good we went twice And we went to the stagedoor both times! So that makes Mark Rylance basically my boyfriend. I have not really got words for how much I enjoyed it, but it illuminated my entire life for weeks.

Anyway, starting tomorrow I'm going to do that week in the life project that [profile] matildafilch as just done. Because I loved seeing random pictured of her week! You basically post pictures of your day for a whole week. Seeing as how I post about once every three months at the moment, this should get me a bit more motivated.


Sep. 11th, 2012 12:49 pm
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I went swimming last night so had to put my contact lenses in instead of wearing my glasses. I put them in the wrong eyes, so I had to take them out and clean them and then put them in the right way round. This is quite common for me. Except that I put one back in and then promptly dropped the other.

When I found it, I cleaned it and put it in the same eye as the one already in, so I had two in one eye. I have never done this before and and spent 30 seconds being *really* confused. I took them out again, cleaned them... and then put them in the wrong way round again. Eye fail.

Mr Lux, watching keenly: "That was like the world's most boring invisible slapstick."

Ion, I read Dust and Shadow by Lyndsay Faye, a pro Sherlock Holmes novel. I was initially dubious about it because it's about Jack the Ripper but actually it was very well done, and she has an ACD pastiche writing style that is flowing and enjoyable. It's quite subtly slashy too - it's like she has put in another layer of emo, which has that sort of dog whistle effect on slashers.

I've been quietly watching the tennis pretty much constantly all year, and even though Roger and Rafa both have had amazing wins, it's been Mandy self actualising at the US Open that has been the best moment for me. The Olympic Gold was special, but he just needed to win a slam so much, and the match a difficult one where he could actually have lost if he hadn't been so tenacious. It was a similar feeling for me as watching Roger win the French Open, although with less shrieking and crying (best tennis reaction video ever). Well done, Mandy. Plus he let his hair grow into an epic ginger birds nest in front of millions, and that takes balls.
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to lovely [personal profile] daegaer! I hope you've had a super fabulous day of funtimes!


Jul. 31st, 2012 06:37 pm
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I have two invites for Glitch if anyone wants them. Let me explain: it's this massive timesuck of an online game where you can create a character and then you make them wander about in a complex world where they can harvest resources and then make tools, and then make things.

Also there are piggies, ghosts, butterflies and giants. Plus you have your own little house. I'm level 38 you guys, send help.


Apr. 9th, 2012 10:06 pm
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I just tried to access my old recs journal ([profile] miladysboudoir) because I have about a billion things I want to rec, but I've forgotten the password. Foiled! I tried so many times that I was temporarily banned. The email I used for that account is long dead (I haven't used it since 2005) so I've flung myself into the arms of lj support. Hmmm yes. I'll let you know how that goes.

I keep meaning to update about the Rebel Fitness programme I'm doing, as I'm sure you are all aching to know how I'm getting on. Suffice to say it's got a lot harder as I've moved up a level from rookie to recruit. Also, I bought a machine to exercise on! It's a cross trainer and I keep it in the spare room. Can I just say how much I love being able to merely climb the stairs to my tiny palace of exercise rather than going to the gym and doing it in public.

I saw [personal profile] tarteaucitron, [profile] buckle_berry a couple of weeks ago and we went to see Queen Christina, a film about a woman who doesn't want the life she's born to, both as a woman and queen of Sweden. I've never actually watched a Greta Garbo film before. She was astoundingly charismatic and attractive, despite the bizarre 1930s eyebrows, and it made me want Queen Christina fic quite badly.

The real Queen Christina ran away from Sweden and became a cross-dressing patron of the arts in Europe, and was finally buried in the Vatican. She also inadvertently caused the death of Descartes; he arrived in Sweden to instruct her and, due to living in an icy castle and having to get up at 5am every day to give her lessons (the only time she had to spare), developed pneumonia and died after ten days. Apparently she was distraught with guilt but carried on inviting the greatest minds of Europe to her death-trap.

I also went up to Manchester to see [personal profile] new_kate, where she lives in the middle of all the hipsters ever. We did a lot, mostly involving tea and cake, and a lot of hipsters.

some pics )
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to the forever inspiring [personal profile] emungere! I hope there are cakes and fancy coffee drinks and Sergeant Hathaways in your immediate vicinity.
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to [personal profile] tarteaucitron! You are fab. That is all.

Oh, except I wish I had a picspam for you of Tom Hiddleston cross-dressing in armour while singing opera to you, but I don't so you'll just have to imagine that.


Feb. 8th, 2012 04:39 pm
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It's my birthday today. I just had some delicious key lime pie!

I'm on week two of the Rebel Fitness training thing. The first week was hard - I ached all over for days, especially my thighs from the squats. This second week is a bit easier and I'm not so stiff, but I did some yoga on Sunday and I think that helped a lot. I've managed two separate half hours of other exercise on the off days, but that was because I had to cycle to the Royal Mail sorting office twice.

I keep thinking while doing them that the exercises should be more of a challenge, but by the time I've finished I don't think that at all. But it's still hard not to push myself to do more that I can. Cunningly, the exercises have built in rests of 90 seconds between reps to stop people doing exactly that.

In other news, Thor! I watched it a couple of weeks ago with [personal profile] tarteaucitron and sadly remembered nothing apart from the vitally important fact of how hot Loki is and how much he loves Thor. I might've been a bit tipsy. I watched it again this week and it's actually quite good! Plus I have a medium-to-large crush on Tom Hiddleston now.
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I cancelled my gym membership last week, partly because the guilt of not going was a swirling vortex in my soul. I was feeling so bad about not going that it was stopping me doing any other exercise, because I knew I shouldn't be wasting my gym membership by doing things that are free. Brains are very strange things, seriously.

I signed up for the Rebel Fitness Guide instead. It cost a tiny fraction of the gym membership and for the money I got six months worth of exercise plans, with exercise guides for everything on Youtube so I don't bork myself doing it wrong, but most moves are actually pretty simple. I've had to buy some more dumbbells and a set of resistance bands. In the later stages I'm going to need a pull up bar (D:) but they seem to be pretty cheap, so.

moar about it )


Jan. 16th, 2012 11:29 pm
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There's one thing I really didn't get Spoilers )
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... she croaked. I managed to get the most annoyingly long lasting head cold about two weeks ago. That's just about cleared up but now I seem to have tonsillitis. *tiny fist of poorly rage*

I think it came from Mr Lux's mum last weekend - she was all sniffly too. I sincerely hope I didn't swap it with her for head cold of doom. Anyway, I'm so happy I stored away that giant box of Zapain last year because swallowing is extremely painful. Lying on the sofa drugged yay.

I watched the first series of Breaking Bad yesterday - a very dark comedy drama about a rather put-upon middle aged chemistry teach who, for various reasons, 'breaks bad', ie takes up a life of crime. Bryan Cranston is fantastic in it. I'll definitely watch the rest if I can.

A few fic recs:

Sherlock: My heart pumps yet the poison by colouredink. Not exactly slash, not exactly gen, nonsexual kink. Sherlock tries to get Irene Adler out of his system.

Meet me inside by Wakeneve. Slash, explicit m/m, UST. Sherlock and John meet in prison. It keeps the dynamics of their canon relationship really well, and adds something to them by giving them a different setting.

Star Trek (2009): The Lotus Eaters by Aldora89. Slash, m/m. Excellent and very long adventure/hurt/comfort epic where Jim and Spock are stranded together on a hostile planet. Also they make friends with one of the most endearing original alien lifeforms I've read.

Ps - For anyone who's interested, Adobe have got a free beta download of Lightroom 4.
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Happy birthday to darling [profile] buckle_berry! (Very slightly late. A bit.)

Sorry if I am MIA for the next couple of days - I'm battling the final onslaught of last minute orders. I'm mostly coping with this by applying mince pies to my face and wearing random clothes I find on the floor.

Thanks for your fab cards, [personal profile] toscas_kiss and [profile] kispexi, and to [personal profile] tarteaucitron for inviting me to her completely amazeballs mince pies and mulled wine party. I had my own one on Saturday and Tarte masterfully took control of the mulled wine at that one too with her tasty and effective recipe - wine, lemons and oranges studded with cloves, cinnamon sticks, sugar and once it's all heated through and mulled together, a glass of brandy per bottle of wine used.

Sunday was work in the afternoon and pub in the evening; catching up with old friends and vetting meeting new partners of said old friends. I can't quite believe I made it out the house after Friday and Saturday nights.

I have a work do tonight - am not sure what to wear, or if I will make any sense whatsoever.


Dec. 9th, 2011 06:39 pm
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I am sitting at my desk having somehow ground to a halt. I should get up and organise my work bench for the night shift but I can't seem to move at all.

Good things today:

  • Boiled eggs with salt for breakfast.

  • Finding out there is New Sherlock on New Year's Day.

  • Wearing thick dark green tights with vest tucked in.

  • My green diamante frog brooch with the disturbing red eyes.

  • Hot chocolate in the afternoon.

  • Getting a box of [personal profile] rheasilvia's beautiful soap through the post - I haven't had a chance to open it yet but the scent is wafting from the box.

  • The free shiatsu massage chair in John Lewis. I suppose eventually they'd ask me to leave but I haven't tested it.

Bad things
  • It's frigging cold.

  • The roomba is broken. DISASTER.

  • Having to work rather than visit [profile] newkate *massive sad face*


Dec. 4th, 2011 09:13 pm
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The ancestral homelands are much the same but I was pleased to see a little craft and Christmas market in the High Street. I bought some sausage rolls from the Melton Mowbray pork pie man and gave them to my parents. He was also selling big wheels of stilton. There was a lady selling boxes of amazing-looking decorated cupcakes, although in this particular bit of the Midlands it comes out more like 'cayik'. I was tempted to get four cupcayiks for two pounds but my mum had already informed of her plans to carbo load me later that day, so I didn't.

Carbs! I has them.

Also gained this weekend, the "house brick" Christmas cake, two pots of homemade lemon curd, a bottle of my dad's gooseberry wine and a set of second hand letter and number punches I found in the model shop. My mum got, from various of her offspring, a box set of the complete Black Adder serieses, a second hand iTouch because my brother got a new one, and step by step lessons in how to use her new mobile phone. It was a good weekend.

I'm back now and I'm about to tip over the edge of all out panic at the amount of work I have to do this week. I'm aware this a case of 'oh dear, my diamond shoes are too tight', but I'm under pressure to get stuff made, packed and mailed to my non UK customers before the last reasonable posting date. So this coming week is going to be, um, maybe a little fraught. A bit. I emerged from last week as an unwashed, shambling, glue stained figure and am expecting pretty much the same this week. Thank god I missed the Yuletide sign ups.

Oh, I read this Drarry on the train home and really enjoyed it: On One's Knees, Harry/Draco, NC 17. It has very bitter Draco, which I enjoyed a lot.
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I'm off to the parental units for the weekend, back on Sunday eve. Mum's made a Christmas cake for me. She calls it "the house brick".

Even though they now have broadband (at last!), I'm not sure I'll be able to be online very much.

Sounds good

Dec. 1st, 2011 10:06 am
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I just misread a fic title as 'The Penis of Urban Warfare' rather than 'The Perils of Urban Warfare'.

More coffee needed.


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