Sep. 4th, 2013

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I woke up at 5am this morning and didn't manage to get back to sleep. I don't like it when that happens. I lay iin bed fretting over incredibly boring things such as the boiler timer being set wrong. Then I got up, but I did manage to start work at about half seven, so I got a lot done. Tiredly. At four I took my laptop to the cafe to do some writing. I've been doing it quite often this past couple of weeks. I like the cafe because it has a pleasing background drone of chatter that somehow helps me concentrate.

Here's a picture of me versus the decorating. That is the remaining blue wall, but unfortunately it needs some work doing before I can slap paint on, as the paint has bubbled off the wall when the wall got damp. I'm planning to tackle it this weekend. I know that blue looks quite pretty, but trust me, not when it's the main colour in a ginormous bathroom.

the blue the blue! )

Here are a couple of Hannibal fics I have enjoyed:

The Borderland State by Nekomuse, Will/Hannibal, Mature, warnings for psychological horror and numerous other things

This is set once Hannibal has been eventually captured, three years in the future. He escapes and comes after Will. It's probably the fic I have enjoyed most, because of the building of UST between Hannibal and Will, even if it is the wrongest UST in the world. I also enjoyed the ensemble POVs.

Mauling by Croik, Gen

Will and Hannibal have a conversation that was missing from the show.

Summary: "I'm beginning to wonder if 'empathy' is the right word for your gift after all," says Hannibal one evening as the rain pours outside.


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