May. 14th, 2013


May. 14th, 2013 01:16 pm
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Moving news: we have moved! We're still in the 'one room is full of unpacked boxes' stage, but it's been four weeks now and we are mostly functional. It still feels quite strange to be in this house, but I love it.

We have a three page list of things we need/want to do to the house (shelves feature heavily), but we've started off by fixing a couple of ongoing damp problems and some basic decorating and cleaning, and that all feels like a big achievement. I got my workshop up and running in the first few days, although I still haven't had time to properly organise everything in there. That might take a while. Stuff is, as ever, everywhere.

I'd forgotten how draning moving is, like using up a month's worth of energy in a couple of days. But it's actually been good for me, because I fall asleep at midnight instead of lying awake until three am, which was the habit I'd got into since my mum died. I've been thinking also how to remember her in this house, and I've decided to spend the bit of money she left me on a stained glass panel for the transom window above the door. She loved stained glass (and all things shiny, really). I've seen some beautiful work recently by this artist.

So anyway, the siren call of fixing and painting things is just too strong to resist, so I'm going to capitalise on my early enthusiam to get it done, because who knows how motivated I'll be a year down the line? We're going on holiday to Greece for two weeks in June, so we'lll be forced to do nothing then. Also I obviously need to factor in enough time spent slorming on the couch watching tv and staring at the internet, as is my wont.


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