Mar. 4th, 2013

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Mar. 4th, 2013 01:12 am
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Happy (late) birthday to [personal profile] puddingcat! I hope you had a goodie ♥


Ion, I was a bit surprised to see that I haven't posted anything since mid- November. Life has been something of a long dark tunnel over the winter. The combination of grief, cold dark weather, and a series of irritating colds and sinus infections (one if which is still lingering and giving me a bit of trouble with tooth pain) has left me feeling like a mouse hiding in a hole. I've been going up to visit my family menfolk reguarly, and we've been doing a lot of gardening and having bonfires together, so that has helped.

There is news on the house moving front. We still haven't moved! Not the best news, I know. But, our vendor has told us she still wants to go ahead, so it could be worse. My new hobby is harrassing the solicitors and the estate agents and we hope to at last exchange contracts in about a week.

I bought a guitar. I'm not sure about where I'm going with it but I'm really enjoying my lessons. [personal profile] tarteaucitron bought me the Justin Sandercoe book, which I would totally recommend for complete beginners. It offers lots of small stages of achievement, so I feel like I'm actually getting somewhere. My fingertips have gone leathery! I am competent on six chords and my ability to sing an actual tune is improving (my voice is a weak instrument).

For my birthday in Feb, [profile] buckle_berryy and [personal profile] tarteaucitron bought me a ticket to see the all male Twelfth Night, with Mark Rylance as Olivia and Stephen Fry as Malvolio. Hands down, it was the most joyous night in the theatre I have ever had. So good we went twice And we went to the stagedoor both times! So that makes Mark Rylance basically my boyfriend. I have not really got words for how much I enjoyed it, but it illuminated my entire life for weeks.

Anyway, starting tomorrow I'm going to do that week in the life project that [profile] matildafilch as just done. Because I loved seeing random pictured of her week! You basically post pictures of your day for a whole week. Seeing as how I post about once every three months at the moment, this should get me a bit more motivated.


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