Sep. 12th, 2013


Sep. 12th, 2013 12:04 am
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Yesterday we bought a new kitchen. So there's that. The outlay terrifies me a bit but on the whole it makes sense to get it now when there is a sale on.

We got everything apart from the worktops, which we're going to order separately from a place where they're cheaper. And, we got a shed. I've never owned a shed before! It's a tiny garden that is currently scattered with two bikes, a lot of gardening tools, a shredder, a ladder, various bits of garden tat. Not a lot of stuff, but definitely a small shed's worth. I'm planning on painting it black, with a white door, to sort of match the house. It'll look adorable! Hopefully!

Ion, I've spent most of the day making my orders and then very boringly trying to hone the SEO of my shops. It's a continual bitter struggle to understand the search algorithms used by Etsy, as they keep changing them, but I am trying to educate myself a little bit more every day, and doing the work on it day by day in between all the other work. It is getting done, and I think it's already improving my shop's visibility. But I need to wait and see what happens over a period of a few weeks. A couple of months ago I didn't understand this stuff at all, so I'm quietly pleased with the progress.


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