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The book group this week was fun. We didn't talk about books though. Well, we did, but really only as an aside. Our reading schedule somewhat keeled over after the extended Crime and Punishment reading, and then a meeting cancellation after that.

The Crime and Punishment reading was a disaster, incidentally. Three people didn't even start it. One person closed it after chapter two, I read till around halfway then switched to the audiobook in a panic to finish it, and one person is still reading it, but is stalled a third of the way in. Marked it down as a poor choice - it was just too long, even over a couple of months.

In other news, I've imported [community profile] curious_spells, the joint fic journal I have with [personal profile] emungere, and the home of Cupidity! So it is all over here now apart from the comments, which are still in the queue. At some point we need to upload it to AO3, but at least it's all on DW now. A task done, yay!
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I lost an hour reading back through my old LJ posts, remembering old jobs, anxieties and my succession of fandoms. I've imported all that stuff, so it's still here, but all the same it's sad to finally say farewell to that old place.
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Hellooo. *blows dust off* It's been a while since I've done this, but I've signed up for FandomAid's new campaign, which is to raise money for the Nepal earthquake victims:

My post is here

It's a 'buy it now' type thing, not an auction, and I'm offering one fic in Hannibal, Saiyuki, Tennis RPF and Doctrine of Labyrinths. Pairings I'm happy to write are: Hannigram (Hannibal), Hakkai/Gokyo (Saiyuki) and Fedal (Tennis). I will very happily write Felix/Mildmay. AUs are fine! And I'm happy to write anything on the porn scale of 1- whoa explicit.
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I wrote more Hannibal fic.

Title: Translucent
Rating: explicit m/m
Pairing: Hannibal/Will
Notes: ty for Emungere for beta!

Summary: Clothes make the man. Or woman. Hannibal crossdresses. Will finds that he likes it.

Read it on the A03
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I haven't posted here for a while - I seem to spend all my time being hypnotised by tumblr. But I have written fic!

Title: A shade did weave a dream
Author: Louise Lux
Pairing: Hannibal Lecter/Will Graham
Rating: Explicit m/m
Summary: I've set it during season one, and it takes place after the events of episode four 'Oeuf'.

“I was going to try psilocybin therapy with you, too,” Hannibal said.

“So that's why you asked me over, so we could both hallucinate in your dining room?”

“Not both at the same time but, after Abigail had left, I had planned to ask your permission to administer a dose.”

Read over at AO3
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I have a headache and it won't seem to go away.

The shirt I'm wearing is from the Gap, and the label tells me is it "The Shrunken Boyfriend".

The Film Programme on Radio 4 has a feature about soundtracks from vampire films, and Gary Oldman was just whispering heatedly to Mina in my ear. Apparently vampires are lonely souls looking for love.

Yesterday I made a banana loaf that had vegetables in it instead of butter, and it is surprisingly delicious. The recipe called for grated courgette, and in theory the vegetables replace the moistness that you'd get from fat. You're also supposed to used rice flour to impart fluffiness but I used normal flour and the texture is not too bad, although a bit dense on the base.

Obvs it is still full of sugar but it still seems like a win, in terms of a semi-healthy afternoon snack that involves cake. If anyone wants the recipe I can supply it. It's from Red Velvet and Chocolate heartache
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Ladybirds are swarming in the garden! Has anyone else noticed this today? I can see at least ten flying about from my workroom window.

Ion I watched the first two eps of Supernatural spoilers )
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We had a little housewarming do on Saturday, almost sixth months to the day we moved in. Thankfully Mr Lux was the only person to spill his drink on the carpet, on his way up to bed, although the floor of the breakfast room looking like someone had been dancing on dropped nibbles for the whole night.

I suppose I'm really starting to feel like an actual homeowner now - it's nice. We wallpapered two of the three nightmare walls on the stairs last weekend, in preparation for having people round.

Before )

After )

Going up and down the stairs is now a pleasure. Well, apart from the remaining wall but that's not quite so doomy. It never got damp, so we just need to finish stripping the old paper off. But after the exertions of the past two weekends, I'm not planning on any diy for the next few weeks, unless it somehow ambushes me.


Sep. 27th, 2013 02:05 pm
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I spent an hour this morning tracking down a bad smell in the kitchen. Imagine a slice of brie has crawled off and died. In fact, I thought it was the brie in the fridge, but no. My final guess, after crawling round to check nothing had gone and died behind the footboards, was the sink, so I bleached the fuck out of it. Not very environmentally friendly but by that point I didn't care.

We went to see the NT Live Othello last night, with Adrian Lester as Othello and Rory Kinnear as Iago. They were both brilliant. And surprise Lyndsey Marshall as Emilia! I did not realise she was in it. She was great - cynical and by the end ragingly angry, probably as you would be if you were married to Iago. The setting was a modern day army base, so she was in army combats, and her hard bittenness seemed to set Desdemona's innocence in starker contrast.

Also, during Desdemona's traumatic murder scene (which really was not played for laughs!) someone in the row behind me kept laughing! Not just once, but several times. Maybe even five times. Dr Lecter, was that you?

I have a date with friends and booze tonight, which I'm looking forward to. Then a full weekend programme of HOME IMPROVEMENTS. Well, not really. More a weekend of lots of cups of tea and lounging about reading. The main improvement is plastering in the enormous hole I made when I was stripping the walls in stairwall. Getting that single thing will make me happy. But I also still need to patch some holes in the bathroom and finish painting in there too. And there's the whole other matter of papering the stairs, but that might have to be for another weekend when the new plaster has had time to dry.


Sep. 24th, 2013 09:19 pm
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It was such a beautiful day today, cool fragile blue skies and sparkling gold sunshine. I had lunch in the garden and watched the sunlight coming through the leaves of the five lime trees that run along the garden wall. It was like the light on the sea, glinting at me. The leaves are just on the turn.

It was misty early this morning - I can't remember the last time it was.

A picture of the trees )


Sep. 19th, 2013 04:51 pm
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I finally saw Star Trek Into Darkness last night. Yes, I remained unspoiled for four months! Cut for spoilers )

Ion, tonight is jam making night. I just have to find the jam pan in the moving boxes. D:


Sep. 17th, 2013 09:04 pm
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I've just spent the last hour reading Janice Poon's blog about her cooking and food styling on Hannibal. It's great! It has recipes and photos! And her own creepy haikus for every episode.

A Hannibal rec - Prelude and Fugue by Stelladown, Hannibal/Will, Explicit

Hannibal comes over to Will's late one evening. He cooks him something that isn't people. Hot, really well written, intense. Creepy. But then All Hannibal fics are creepy, at least the ones I like...


Sep. 12th, 2013 12:04 am
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Yesterday we bought a new kitchen. So there's that. The outlay terrifies me a bit but on the whole it makes sense to get it now when there is a sale on.

We got everything apart from the worktops, which we're going to order separately from a place where they're cheaper. And, we got a shed. I've never owned a shed before! It's a tiny garden that is currently scattered with two bikes, a lot of gardening tools, a shredder, a ladder, various bits of garden tat. Not a lot of stuff, but definitely a small shed's worth. I'm planning on painting it black, with a white door, to sort of match the house. It'll look adorable! Hopefully!

Ion, I've spent most of the day making my orders and then very boringly trying to hone the SEO of my shops. It's a continual bitter struggle to understand the search algorithms used by Etsy, as they keep changing them, but I am trying to educate myself a little bit more every day, and doing the work on it day by day in between all the other work. It is getting done, and I think it's already improving my shop's visibility. But I need to wait and see what happens over a period of a few weeks. A couple of months ago I didn't understand this stuff at all, so I'm quietly pleased with the progress.
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I seem to be always posting at the end of the day, I'm not sure why.

Today I worked, mostly. I took some codiene pills at lunchtime because my sinus tooth pain has flared up badly recently. I'm not sure if the codeine is why I got stuck listening to the same Serge Gainsbourg song over and over again, but I must've played it 5 times. Maybe more? It seemed to go on for hours.

I have pictures of decorating! here )


Sep. 8th, 2013 09:40 pm
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It's cold and I'm tired. Today's decorating included a lot of painting over mysterious stains, stripping wallpaper and then reapplying new wallpaper. It all looks really good but now I feel like I did too much. Mr Lux did emergency cementing when a massive chunk of plaster fell off the wall, followed by half a brick! Then he did some emergency plumbing on a leak in the shower pump. By that point it was 6 o clock so we gave in and tidied up.

We didn't even have the emotional fibre to organise poached eggs on toast for tea, so we got chips. With fishcakes! They tasted exactly the same as the chip shop fishcakes I used to eat three decades ago. Maybe they are the same ones.

Now I'm half watching Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy. I can't hear John Hurt these days without thinking that Kilgarrah is emoting at Merlin. Although in TTSS he really sounds like a cross between Kilgarrah and Quentin Crisp. We were going to watch the first of season two of Homeland, but I can't brain that much at the moment.
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I pushed on with the decorating this afternoon. The bathroom now has only one blue wall, and some holes that need filling and painting. So, out of the six rooms in the house, I have now painted three of them. That doesn't include the downstairs hall, which I've also painted. The stairwell is next, but that's a different magnitude because it needs the wallpaper stripping off and then it has to be repapered, including the ceiling. That's right, sounds like a nightmare!

Ion, I have carried on writing every day this week, which is making me happy. I've created a routine, so that I have time to do it after work, which at the moment means I spend an hour or two anywhere between 4pm to 7pm. We also mostly sorted out the breakfast room (it is really a dining room/library but the mr named it the breakfast room and it stuck), and it's a really pleasant and peaceful room to write it.

The Sworn Virgins of Albania
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Mads Mikkelsen's mouth is one of those genuine bee-stung mouths - slightly too pouty and sensual, and it draws the eye in an otherwise rather harsh face. And that is perfect for Hannibal, because his mouth is where the crimes happen.

I really need a Hannibal icon.

Talking of kitchens, we are getting a new one. The current one suffered from mildew because the previous owner didn't care about fixing the guttering, and even though it's all be cleaned and bleached, that mildew smell just lingers and its horrible. I priced up what we'd need today: cupboards, doors, wall tiles, work tops and miscellaneous kitchen parts. We have a local reputable building dude who can come and do it. So I think that's going to happen in the next month or two. We're going to attempt to paint the tile floor because we decided that trying to get the current ceramic tiles up would be a nightmare and expensive.

Talking of the white noise in cafes yesterday, when I'm at home and I want an ambient noise that's not radio 4 (which is fairly often these days) I like to listen to 10 hours of rain
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I woke up at 5am this morning and didn't manage to get back to sleep. I don't like it when that happens. I lay iin bed fretting over incredibly boring things such as the boiler timer being set wrong. Then I got up, but I did manage to start work at about half seven, so I got a lot done. Tiredly. At four I took my laptop to the cafe to do some writing. I've been doing it quite often this past couple of weeks. I like the cafe because it has a pleasing background drone of chatter that somehow helps me concentrate.

Here's a picture of me versus the decorating. That is the remaining blue wall, but unfortunately it needs some work doing before I can slap paint on, as the paint has bubbled off the wall when the wall got damp. I'm planning to tackle it this weekend. I know that blue looks quite pretty, but trust me, not when it's the main colour in a ginormous bathroom.

the blue the blue! )

Here are a couple of Hannibal fics I have enjoyed:

The Borderland State by Nekomuse, Will/Hannibal, Mature, warnings for psychological horror and numerous other things

This is set once Hannibal has been eventually captured, three years in the future. He escapes and comes after Will. It's probably the fic I have enjoyed most, because of the building of UST between Hannibal and Will, even if it is the wrongest UST in the world. I also enjoyed the ensemble POVs.

Mauling by Croik, Gen

Will and Hannibal have a conversation that was missing from the show.

Summary: "I'm beginning to wonder if 'empathy' is the right word for your gift after all," says Hannibal one evening as the rain pours outside.
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Roger lost to Tommy Robredo! In straight sets. That was the last thing I expected, seeing as how I was expecting him to painfully and frustratingly lose to Rafa yet again in the quarterfinals.

My default setting is that Roger should win everything, so this year has been sucktackular as a fan, and it doesn't look like it's going to get any better any time soon. His back has been a chronic problem for years, so maybe it's causing this downward slide? Roger never really talks about it in detail though, so it's hard to know.

A depressing quote from his presser about the match: "I just couldn't do it."


Sep. 2nd, 2013 12:27 am
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I'm laaate.

Today I painted half the bathroom white, and it was utterly exhausting. It was a deep blue, and when I looked in the mirror all the blue reflected onto my face and gave me the skin tone of the Undead. The blue was a total bitch to cover. I think four coats has done it though, but our bathroom is so bizarrely enormous that I still have an ocean of bloody blue paint still to cover.

Bonus DIY: I was very clever and broke the glass on the bathroom cabinet while trying to sand it, and had to go and fetch a new one.


Aug. 31st, 2013 11:04 pm
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This tumblr posts only one thing - literally the same picture of High Dancy every day. It is a good picture though.

Yesterday [personal profile] tarteaucitron visited me. I took her to the local pool for a swim, and we did quite well - at least 20 lengths. Then we came home and cracked open the cava, and I coached her through a lot of Hannibal. She did really well, only having to hide behind a cushion at the most gory places. Counting last night and this afternoon, eight episodes. A lot.

Plus we fitted in a few Game of Thrones and a very late night episode two of the Great British Bake Off. The breadstick technical challenge has actually inspired me to try making some at some point. They look tasty. I used to make bread quite often, although I haven't made any since we moved here.

Ion I am still stupidly pleased that I actually finished and posted a fic this week, and I can feel vaguely involved in and contribute to a fandom again. It's good!
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You guys, I looked at my archive and realised that the last time I posted a fanfic was February 2010. I have written things over the last few years (and not finished them), but nothing has caught my attention since then like Hannibal. It just had to be serial killers, didn't it?

Fandom: Hannibal
Title: Mangata
Pairing: Will/Hannibal
Rating: explicit
Notes: Mångata: (Swedish) the roadlike reflection of the moon on the water. Thank you to that crazy kid [personal profile] emungere for the beta.

Summary: After the fight with Tobias Budge, Will takes Hannibal home. Takes place between episodes 8 and 9.


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